Wholesale Dramas

Right now, we are pricing out some new designs, and I’d love to do a fun summer tanktop, and I’ve got a real style in mind that I want- but looking online at our wholesale options, that particular style of tank only seems to go up to XL, and that’s it. Even from different brands, different but similar cuts, the biggest size in ‘modern’ clothes is often just up to a certain size, and it really sucks that I have to choose between making something that looks really cool and has the style/cut/fabic/color I want and envisioned for a design, and excluding people- myself one of those people! 

So I would just like to say, if I ever made anything that didn’t include your size, I’m sorry, and if I were able to I would do so in a heartbeat, because being excluded from wearing even my own art is rough to swallow, and I know what that’s like and how much it sucks = / and I don’t ever want to make anyone feel bad. 

Unless they’re being mean to my Hufflepuffs. Then I’ll getcha. 

EDIT: I found one that went up to 2XL and got all excited because it was the perfect cut and color, and then I saw in their sizing chart that a small is 14″ wide, and a 2X is only 18″ wide. Our small classic unisex shirts are 18″ wide, no joke. Freakin’ ridiculous!

More blogs I need dem

So I just would like more blogs to follow like I always need to anyway reblog or like doesn’t matter if you reblog any of these:

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Sorry I’m not around much these days!

I failed a really important class in college so I’m trying to sort out a repeat project, but my lecturer is refusing to let me resubmit… it’s a big old mess. But my year head told me to keep working on a repeat project anyway and just hope he changes his mind? 

So yeah I’m frantically trying to get a huge unexpected project done while also working on three other things.

Sorry for ranting about my life but if you’re wondering why my blog has gone dead - this is why :P 

Hopefully I’ll be able to pass the year in the end, if not… ugh, I guess I’ll take it from there. 

I promise I’ll be online more during the summer! I finish college in about 3 weeks.  I’ll be reopening commissions, posting more original stuff, etc. 

Linearts traditionally and then erases the sketch: drawing looks clear and neat, not a lot needs to be corrected, beautiful, smooth and flowing

Linearts digitally and then hides the sketch layer: gross trash on the canvas, half the lines dont connect, everything is really weird and wavy, children are crying