Me and my Artists’ Alley buds from Animinni 2013
First is me and Rachel (Reiish), who I met at the first AniMinni a couple years ago
Second is me and Cammie (Dusty-Shelf), who I also met a couple years ago
Third is me and my cousin Shelby (BlebsCorner) who ran the table 
And finally fourth is me and Kate (whose Tumblr I’m not sure of), Shelby’s best friend, who I’ve gone to AniMinni with all three years

blebscorner-deactivated20140601 said:

19, 20, 36, 43

19) Lease favorite sort of beverage

      Sports drinks, like Gatorade, Powerade, etc. Yuck!

20) Do you believe in aliens?

     Yes! Definitely! Like, how can there not be aliens? You know how big the universe is!

36) What toppings ruin a pizza for you?

Mushrooms, they don’t really taste like anything but they’re so slimy and icky *shivers*  Other than those, I’m not really picky when it comes to pizza toppings.

43) Some stories you loved until the ending came and screwed them up?

    Ohh, this one is hard. Everything I’m thinking of, I liked the endings, haha! It would have to be something pretty ridiculous for me to think it screwed it up. I’m along for the ride and I like the happy endings and the sad endings and the bittersweet ones and the tragic ones. Sure, my feels like completely explode but I still like it. I don’t know, I just like endings, LOL. I don’t think I really answered the question…but that’s all I got.