El PSC d'Igualada denuncia els incompliments de CiU pel que fa a les zones blaves. L'Ajuntament ha tret les places de pagament de l'entorn de hospital però, en lloc d'eliminar-les com prometia en campanya electoral, les ha traslladat al centre de la ciuta

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I am totally here for that. I’ve talked myself around into thinking it could be an interesting thing characterwise, even though I still have major reservations about Dave & Blave. Also ILU.


(also I’ve just been feeling defensive of Blaine a lot, mostly, a fact that I guess should surprise no one.  And I’m sure if the people I interacted with were a different group I’d be feeling super defensive of Kurt - I have when I’ve wandered off my dash!  They’re just, yes, they’re both fucked up and neither one is perfect and neither is their relationship certainly and I love them that way, and I love and in terms of certain tendencies/generalities/labels/etc. identify with both of them so so so much and… yeah <3.  It can be hard, I don’t know.

I changed my sidebar so I think it’s accurate again ;). )

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haha I was LIKE NO THIS IS TERRIBLE TIMING. Like of course the one I’ve ever done that is right after you made a post like that. I’m so so embarrassed. /o\

ahahha it’s cool <3.  and - hey!  robin unfollowed me the day after we met in person (the second time, cause i actually *met* her at the listen up concert, but anyway, the first time we actually met up & hung out not in a line), and I was like, am I secretly uncool in rl, did I manage to offend you somehow and you didn’t tell me, what :///.  of course that was an accident too :p.

Paars-witte dames verslaan PEC Zwolle met 4-1

De dames van RSC Anderlecht wonnen gisterenavond, vrijdag 26 september 2014, op eigen veld met 4-1 van de Nederlandse club PEC Zwolle. De paars-witte doelpunten werden gescoord door Justine Blave (twee keer), Anaelle Wiard en Lola Wajnblum. Lieke Huls bezorgde de bezoekers in de blessuretijd nog de eerredder.


BRON: rsca.be
Com a mínim de devuit centímetres

Com a mínim de devuit centímetres

Va néixer per la vena del coratge dels mots, per la temeritat versada dels dies, per l’esclat rabent de tanta poesia. AdiA edicions encara es mama el dit, però creix entre les tentines i el vigor de les coses noves. Un any, va celebrar divendres passat. Les flors blaves i efímeres de les parets de l’església de Calonge, obra de Margalida Rosselló, simbolitzaven la valentia artística d’aquesta…

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