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thorin grasping at bilbo's arm is the wORST AND THEN BILBO GRABS HIS HAND SO TIGHTLY OH GOD THESE TWO

thorin is trying so hard to touch bilbo, to tell him how sorry he is, and i don’t even think he’s looking for absolution, i think it’s entirely selfless, i think thorin just wants bilbo to know that he was RIGHT and thorin was WRONG and thorin is SORRY and he wishes he’d never put bilbo in danger and bilbo needs to KNOW THAT because bilbo DESERVES to know that, so thorin is grabbing at his arm but you know what? no that’s not good enough, bilbo grabs his HAND, he reciprocates the grasping gesture, and bilbo knows some things too that he needs thorin to know, like that he doesn’t regret a single thing that has happened on this quest, not even thorin’s rage, bilbo’s happy to have been there for all of it, and he needs thorin to KNOW THAT 

Transformers: Walk the Line

Title: Walk the Line

Warning: This aren’t sexy BDSM scenes. They’re realistic ones.

Rating: PG

Continuity: G1

Characters: Blast Off, Ravage, (Megatron)

Disclaimer: The theatre doesn’t own the script or actors, nor does it make a profit from the play.

Motivation (Prompt): Vintage-Mechanics held a Valentine’s Day good BDSM spree.

A relationship is more than just sex scenes.

Blank Pages | Savannah&Draco

Savannah spoke in hushed tones with a man beside her, just outside of the Richmond Hill Apartments. Jackson was one of her other clients, and he was starting to get antsy about not having access to her. "What do you mean you can’t do tonight? You always work Thursdays." He hissed at her, hand coiling around her arm and tugging her forward. “I’m no longer strictly employed by Ms. Cochran. My new employer doesn’t want me to partake in any other lovers.” She tried to step away from him but his grip on her arm was far too tight. “Jackson, get off. Now.” She hissed, ready to blast him off her. He turned, backing her into the wall. "Why should I? You liked it rough before, didn’t you?" He chuckled in her ear, fangs grazing her neck, making her shudder. “Get.. Get off me.” She whispered, unable to move as she was still traumatized from the man who came before him. “Please.. just get off me.”