i’m looking at some clothes from yoko ono’s fashion line and i just love how blase this one model is about this entire ensemble

“hey what’s up? how’s your family doing? cool. could i get some extra relish on my hot dog? great. later”

o, i see, bunnys not my fav but i love his name, richard isnt my fav either but he rly reminds me of nick carraway in like a weird blase way, luvvvv twins, i Feel that im going to love henry, who is francis?


Ich bin eine Ficksau und, wie Du gerade siehst, sehr real.

Schön, dass du den QR-Code auf meinem Nacken gescannt hast, Du siehst hier versaute Fotos von mir. Nun sprich mich mit “Hallo Ficksau” an. Ich bin eine willige Dreilochfotze und brauche deinen Schwanz. Ich blase Dir, wenn Du magst, sofort Deinen Schwanz und Du spritzt mir ins Hurenmaul. Oder willst Du mich jetzt ohne Gummi ficken? Sprich mich an…

Es ist als wäre das alles nicht passiert. Als wäre all das was wir hatten nur Einbildung gewesen, weil ich nicht mal mit meinen Fingerspitzen noch spüren kann was an jenem Abend geschah. Es fühlt sich wie weggepustet an, es sind nur noch Reste da, wie das schmierig weiße Wasser das bleibt wenn man gelöste Matheaufgaben von der Tafel abwischt oder die grau weißen Stückchen des Radiergummis wenn man eine nicht gelungene Zeichnung ausradiert.

Irgendwo fühlt es sich noch so echt an, so wirklich und trotzdem so fern. Nicht wirklich da und doch so nah das ich mich fetzten weise an deine Berührungen erinnern kann, es gibt keine Beschreibung für das was wir hatten, doch jetzt ist es vorbei.

Es ist gegangen so wie die Jahreszeiten gehen, es ist nach einer Zeit gegangen die für uns vielleicht nicht angemessen schien und doch war der Zeitpunkt perfekt, genau so perfekt wie der Morgen mit Tau auf Blättern und Sonne in der Farbe das man denken könnte der Himmel blutet oder man hätte eine Blase voller roter Farbe in einem
Meer von Lila und Blau und man hätte mit einer Nadel in die Blase gestochen und all das Rot würde sich langsam in das Blau und dann in das Lila mischen.

Doch auch dieser Morgen vergeht, genauso wie unsere Zeit, genauso wie der Winter oder der Sommer oder der Herbst, denn alles hat den perfekten Zeitpunkt um zu gehen, auch wenn es für denjenigen der nicht gehen will und für den der verlassen wird wohl weniger perfekt ist und dennoch ist es genau so gut wie es ist.

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i never hide that i'm drarry trash but i guess i'm so open and blase about it that my friend just let herself into my house without knocking and walked up to me and started reading over my shoulder and was like, "wait, you actually do read fanfiction?" they all thought i was joking.

Ha! This happens to me too!

Whenever I tell my friends that I’m reading gay wizard porn, they just chuckle & swat my arm, like, “Oh, you!” 

I probably could wear a shirt announcing, “I read shockingly explicit fics chronicling Draco & Harry’s passionate, energetic fucking,” & people would smile, “Aw, you want them to be friends! How adorable.” 

I’m not sure why it’s so hard for people to grasp that gay wizard porn is a very real, very important, part of our lives.

Until they do, we should keep owning it. Drarry trash & proud!

I love how Invader Zim fans are so blase about new content that we’re doing IZ-themed Mother’s Day stuff. XD Pretty soon we’ll be making Invader Zim themed posts for the most random and obscure holidays… Oh, by the way–

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Ich hatte was mit einem kerl und der wollte,dass ich ihm einen blase. Ich hab angefangen, aber es war so langweilig, weshalb ich einfach ohne was zu sagen aufgehört habe und eingeschlafen bin 😁😁

Der hat dich dafür locker gehasst 😄😄😄

blase-and-blithe replied to your post “How exactly are you so ‘disabled’ that you can’t get a job working…”

It wasn’t so much harassment as it was asking a valid question. I could come up with a story to request money as well, but there is an apparent lack of evidence. There are many forms of left-wing (in case you were unaware).

“I’m a tool of the state and I like to harass disabled people and accuse them that they’re just faking their disabilities.”

blase-and-blithe replied to your post “blase-and-blithe replied to your post: blase-and-blithe replied to…”

Think of it as a courtesy to these individuals providing you with the funds to pursue what you want. $10,000 is no meagre sum.

How about you fuck off, dude. You obviously have no interest in donating so like, go away because you’re ableist as shit, which tbh, is not a surprise, given you’re in a military.

Okay so here’s the official setup for the MMM au, now that I’ve had time to poke at it.

The setting is an apartment building with four apartments to a floor; all of our main cast lives on the top floor and anyone else in the cast is pulled in through one of those twelve people (three to an apartment).

The first apartment is occupied by Church, Tucker, and Caboose.

Church is a cranky, disgruntled ghost who died in the apartment and has been haunting it since then. The quickest way to sum up how blase everyone is accepted in this world is that the landlord will only lease two people to that apartment because Church is permanently occupying one of the rooms. The one that he died in.

Tucker is a vampire who was very recently Turned and is trying to get back on his feet. Tucker’s hobbies including parties, girls, video games, and not bursting into flames just because the sun touches him. He was reluctant to move into an apartment that was haunted because he’s seen this movie, okay, but he didn’t have a lot of options so.

Caboose is a very excitable werewolf puppy who just moved to Earth from the moon colony for college and has never lived in the big city before. Everything is very exciting for him because it’s all brand new experiences. He makes Tucker and Church wish that they’d screened their roommates but now they’re stuck with him.

Across the hall are Sarge, Grif, and Simmons.

Sarge is a monster hunter by birthright and a mad scientist by trade. He mainly focuses on robots for his science, and his creations include Simmons, who lives with him, and Lopez, who doesn’t. Even though he’s surrounded by monsters and supposedly makes attempts to kill them, he never manages to succeed and is often happy to work with them if needs be.

Grif is a fairy, though he’s the laziest fairy ever and almost never bothers doing any actual fairy stuff. After an accident that left much of his body damaged, Sarge replaced his dead tissue with donor organs from Simmons, who probably did it willingly. He lost a lot of his fairy powers in the process because there were no replacements for those organs.

Simmons is a cyborg, after he probably voluntarily gave up his organs to save Grif’s life following an accident. Simmons has a lot of cool abilities after becoming a cyborg, but the only one he ever seems to use is his Grif tracker and the super strength in his robot arm (and that only to move the couch when he’s cleaning). Grif says he’s the most boring cyborg ever.

Next door to them are Donut, Lopez, and Doc.

Donut is a necromancer in training. He’s only been studying necromancy for a few years now, but already he’s successfully revived a tank full of sea monkeys (maybe) and Caboose’s pet rock (his name is Freckles and he is a very well behaved rock who almost never tries to kill anyone). Don’t talk to Donut about zombie movies, he’ll just bore you with academic stuff.

Lopez is Sarge’s most successful robotic creation. He moved out of Sarge’s apartment because he wanted to assert his independence, but was forced to get a place in the building because it turns out there are no engineers able to work with Sarge’s wiring. He claims to hate his roomies, but actually he has a crush on Donut (shh don’t tell).

Doc is a succubus who flunked out of medical school and is currently trying to get certified as a paramedic, because people are a lot less picky about a paramedic losing a patient than a doctor. He is also unfortunately host to a demon named O’Malley, because he agreed to some sketchy stuff in order to get into med school in the first place.

Across the hall from them (and right beside the Blues) are Wash, Carolina, and Sister.

Kai is a fairy, like Grif, but unlike Grif, she uses her fairy abilities constantly, usually to get laid or score drugs. Drugs affect fairies differently so she’s always chasing that perfect high. She also spends a lot of time partying, but fortunately rarely holds her own parties at the apartment because she’s convinced her roomies will call the cops on her (they probably would).

Carolina is a witch, in a coven with two other witches (CT and South). She’s also a medium, which means she has the ability to interact with ghosts on their own plane. She moved into the apartment to be closer to the ghost of her dead brother. She spends a lot of time obsessing about being the best, to the point that her roomies often have to force her to sleep.

Wash is an ordinary dude, and spends ninety percent of his time exasperated over the world he’s found himself living in. He also can’t understand how he’s the weirdo in his building because he has yet to grasp the concept of relativity. Also, he’s not a cop. Seriously Kai stop calling him a cop. He’s a hairdresser. Why is this a hard concept.