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Here’s a neat little video I found on the Blaschka models put out by the Natural History Museum (in London).



is an artist and educator living in Rochester, New York. She is a full professor in the Glass Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where she has been a faculty member since 1998.


Curious Growths

My current work consists of tangled clusters of fleshy formations that evoke botanical or zoological specimens. I’m interested in ambiguity and contradiction, and want these pieces to suggest familiar forms while remaining open to various associations. My inspirations include the botanical photographs of Karl Blossfeldt, biological engravings of Ernst Haeckel, and glass scientific models of Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka.  I’ve always been fascinated by the human inclination to seek out and gather odd and novel objects for personal contemplation and public display; an urge exemplified by the “WunderKammer” or cabinets of curiosities of Renaissance Europe.  In these pieces, I’m essentially making my own oddities and arranging them in compositions meant to elicit a sense of wonder and inquisitiveness 


I first saw Robin Cass’ work in American Craft Magazine. It took my breath away. Sexy glass. XOXOXO

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Priceless Blaschka glass models now on display | Natural History Museum

The delicate glass artworks of sea creatures crafted by father-and-son team Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka were made between 1866 to 1889. Find out how Museum staff prepared them to go on display in the new Treasure gallery.

See the models and the rest of our 22 Treasures in person at the Museum: