I guess I can post the wip’s of this blanket now. While I know how to do basic sewing work my mother taught me quilting to make this birthday gift for artyintheuk's birthday. It was a fun albeit sometimes frustrating project. I wouldn't be against trying my hand a another one in the future. Sadly I forgot to take a final picture of it when it was done.

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A Fitted Bed Sheet Makes the Perfect Beach Accessory

We have already talked about making sure sand stays where it belongs with baby powder. But what about if you want to keep all that sand from getting on your cooler, beach bags, towels and everything else you bring. Well there is also a solution for that. Make sure you pack yourself a fitted bed sheet because it not only makes the perfect beach accessory, it also keeps everything clean. Just put all your belongings in each corner and stop worrying about sand getting everywhere. This neat little idea creates its own confined walls to which will help keeps sand out of your laying area and more on the beach!