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Blank City Official Trailer

My friend Alyscia and I have a thing we do most Monday nights called “Documentary Night” where we, surprise, watch documentaries. We watched Blank City this week and it was fantastic. It’s about the underground film scene in NYC circa late 70s-early 80s, so it’s not strictly about music. But that scene involved so many musicians - Debbie Harry, Lydia Lunch, Pat Place, James Chance, etc. - that it’s not off-topic for me. Plus it’s a fascinating/somewhat depressing look at the economic changes that began happening in New York at that point and have brought us to the Disneyfied version we see today. You can watch it on Netflix Instant. 

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BLANK CITY - Documentary by French director Celine Danhier

I’m obsessed with this documentary. Hail to the director Celine Danhier for making this! This documentary takes you back to the first movement of  indie film making in New York between the 70’s and 80’s. My favorite director Jim Jarmusch is one of the interviewees along with so many other gifted and talented film makers and musicians such as Deborah Harry and actor Steve Buscemi. Extremely inspiring.


Saw this yesterday. So good. Although John Lurie now does not quite hold up to John Lurie early Jarmusch years. Steve Buscemi however, was kind of adorable. 

Blank City tells the long-overdue tale of a disparate crew of renegade filmmakers who emerged from an economically bankrupt and dangerous moment in New York history. In the late 1970’s and mid 80’s, when the city was still a wasteland of cheap rent and cheap drugs, these directors crafted daring works that would go on to profoundly influence the development of independent film as we know it today.