Jean Peters,  Richard Widmark, and Thelma Ritter in Pickup on South Street  (Samuel Fuller, 1953)

"This highly embroidered presentation of a slice of life in the New York underworld not only returns Richard Widmark to a savage, arrogant role, but also uses Jean Peters blandly as an all-comers’ human punching-bag. Violence bursts in every sequence, and the conversation is slangy and corrupt. Even the genial Thelma Ritter plays a stool pigeon who gets her head blown off."  - Bosley Crowther, NY Times, 1953

SasuSakuNaru reconciliation :)

Slight OOC Sasuke; I still can’t get over SS and NH being canon ffs. I’ve had like seven mental breakdowns in public and I am still not okay.
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(WARNING: NaruSaku BROTP (although I do really like NS tbh))
this was supposed to be <500 words but it’s 1000 again ffs what is wrong with me

“So,” Naruto began. He sat at the edge of the stone bench, bathed in his white Hokage coat that fluttered gently with each whiff of wind. His short hair scarcely moved, like freshly cut blades of grass, and he had a look that told Sakura he was immersed in deep thought about what to say next.

“…So,” she responded just as blandly. She found herself sitting on the other end of the bench, where she watched her feet dangle casually, hands pressed under her thighs. The warmth of her sweaty palms began to transfer into the frigidity of the bench. She couldn’t force herself to look at Naruto, and waited for something—anything—to save them from this awkwardness.

“Congratulations on becoming Hokage,” she said. “It’s amazing. You’re amazing.”

He turned his head to face her. In his blue eyes, the color of fresh ocean water, was gratitude.

“Thank you, Sakura-chan.”

Naruto, attempting to break the discomfort of the situation among them, began to yawn and spread out his arms, stretching them in the air with an accompanied howl, before letting his new arm settle on the back of his seat.

“You know,” he said, his voice dropping down to an almost inaudible murmur. “I never stopped loving you.”

“Ah—!” Sakura began, her face shooting up to watch his nostalgic expression, trying to find any signs of him still having romantic attractions for her in his serene smile. “But—but, Hinata—“

“Let me finish. It’s true, I did love you dearly once. I still love you, but it’s changed now, you know? I love you in a different way. You’re my family, Sakura-chan, and you’ll always be part of my family. I hope you won’t get jealous or offended by this,” he warned, stopping to chuckle at his joke, “but there’s a new girl who’s stolen my heart, and every fiber of my being. Plus,” he added. “She makes killer ramen, and other things as well.” At this, he winked.

“Oh, Kami, Naruto!” Sakura cried, burying her face in her hands. “You’re such a dirty pervert! I don’t need to know about what happened behind your kid’s conception, alright?”

Naruto laughed, moving closer to wrap his arm around Sakura’s shoulder and press his knuckles into her temple.

“I never change, Sakura-chan, know that. And,” he said, eyes softening, tone quieting. “I’m happy for you.”

“…Huh?” Sakura asked.

“I’m happy that you found him again. Happy that he’s with us. With you, more importantly. He’s my best friend, and I’ve never seen him as at peace with the world as he is with you. “

“It’s really thanks to you,” she said, leaning her head against Naruto’s shoulder and looking up at the clear sky. “You really do keep your promises.” She felt her eyes welling up, and let out a sniff. Naruto shook his head and teased her.

“You’re still crying even though he’s back?”

“I hate you,” she frowned, slapping his forearm. “Jerk.”

“Here.” He offered the end of his Hokage cloak for her to wipe her face. “Need it?”

“Isn’t this like, sacrilege or something?”

“I’m the Hokage, so what I say goes. So if you want to let out your snot all over my nice white coat, then let it be.”

“Dobe, are you making Sakura cry?”

Sakura and Naruto turned their heads to find Sasuke, draped in a black cape with a taunting smirk on his lips. His hand reached for his katana, ready to point it at Naruto if need be.

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Person of Interest, Wicked Game

TITLE: Wicked Game
AUTHOR: Aurora
PAIRING: Root/Shaw, Person of Interest
RATING: 18/NC-17
SUMMARY: Smut, really. Also handcuffs. Maybe some snark. That’s about it. Forgive me.


     “Here, happy Birthday.” Fusco handed over his car keys. “Got you a hooker and everything.”
    Shaw took a deep breath; as she was wont to do when Fusco was around. “It’s not my Birthday,” she said blandly. Only that did not remove the smug glint in his eyes. She took the keys warily.
    “Finch says this is your number for the night. Some hooker-come-drug-mule. Seems like a nice enough girl. If you don’t mind them twisted enough to swallow nails and crap out corkscrews.” Fusco backpedalled toward the swarm of NYPDs finest. He had snuck away with the keys and left their number in his car around the corner. “Anyways. I’m out.” He waggled his bushy eyebrows. “Got a hot one on the line.”

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Skywarp has his wings lowered and tight to his back as he stalks up to the seated Motormaster and simply sits in his lap, not looking at him in a rather prissy manner as he crosses one leg over the other. "I was dared to do this." He states blandly.

He raised an optic ridge at the haughty seeker before smirking.

"Oh~. And who exactly should I be thanking for this little surprise?"

One of his clawed servos gripped the seeker’s hip while the other trailed lightly over the mech’s sensitive wings.

BonKai Drabbles

I haven’t written anything in a while and I needed something to help get me into the swing of things. Hope anyone who reads this enjoys it.

                                             “BonKai Drabbles”

“Look who finally decided to show up,” Kai said with a smile. “Just in time for breakfast.”

That arrow he shot into her stomach felt better than the humiliation Bonnie was feeling now. She had awoken to the smell of blueberry pancakes and foolishly tricked herself into thinking Damon had somehow come back to rescue her. Paranoia was taking its toll on her. She had to look over her shoulder every waking moment just to make sure Kai wasn’t plotting anything.

“I’m not hungry,” she replied blandly. It was the truth, the very sight of Kai put her on edge. He was dangerous and insane in the most horrific methodical way.

“Oh sure you are. You ate this everyday for four months one more time won’t hurt.” Spatula in hand, he motioned over to the kitchen island where her breakfast was. “Sit.”

“You shouldn’t be here-”

“Neither should you,” Kai cut her off as if what he had to say were far more interesting. “Which begs the question, why is Bonnie Bennett still living in the Salvatore boarding house? Your house is literally down the goddamn street and yet you still sleep in Damon’s bed. Does someone miss their one true love?”

He thought he could get away with antagonizing her? He was powerless. What was the point of being a witch if you couldn’t do magic? She could kill him and eat the breakfast he made while his corpse rested at her feet.

“Your food’s getting cold,” he said. He took his plate and sat in the chair next to where he wanted her to sit. “Either you break bread or I break bones, Bonnie. Your choice.”

Had Damon been here she would’ve chosen former. But when the beacon of light carried him home realization had sunken into Bonnie. There was no hope. She’d be stuck in 1994 forever.

Kai’s threats didn’t scare her. “Option B is looking pretty tempting, not gonna lie.”

“I will bash your brains in over and over and over with this frying pan, Bonnie.” Kai say with joy tinging his tone. He had a certain passion for violence. Bonnie first noted it when he recounted killing his family. ”I won’t stop until my arm gets tired and then I’ll just switch hands.”

“Really?” Bonnie feigned concern before rolling her eyes. “Do you see that butcher’s knife over there? It’ll be in your chest before you get a chance to grab that frying pan.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” he snarled, tossing his plate at her with reckless abandon. Bonnie staggered backwards as the glass plate shattered at her feet. “I’ve been very patient. Instead of making you food, I could’ve smothered you while you slept after what you’ve pulled, but I didn’t. I think a thank you is appropriate right about now.”

“You want me to thank you? You’re the one who needs me,” Bonnie spat, rage consuming her. Her chest felt heavy and doused in fire. Her words were coming out a mile a minute that her mind couldn’t keep up. She felt like a tornado, a whirlwind of emotions taking hold of her. “I’m you’re only way out of here so cut the bullshit. And when I do make it out I swear to god I will take you with me just so I can have the satisfaction of killing you right when you cross over.”

Bonnie was now standing in front of Kai, her chest heaving as something cruel brewed inside of her. It was dark and wicked, but all too familiar. She suppressed the feeling early on when she first discovered magic, she suppressed it when Professor Shane taught her expression, but there was something about Kai that brought it out of her naturally. It was a malevolent urge to dig into her magic and find out just how deep her powers ran.

“Bon-Bon, I’m shocked. I’m beginning to think I’m not the only one who’s a little Norman Bates here,” Kai spoke, an offsetting gleam in his muddy brown eyes. “You should ditch that good girl facade and torch those self-righteous morals. I could even help you.”

“I’m nothing like you.” As Bonnie tried to recoil away he snaked his arm around her waist, drawing her in as closely as he could with little force. He gazed into her eyes, lips slightly parted, and used his free hand to graze her the length of her neck. She shivered. “Let go of me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you yet. I won’t steal your magic,” he hushed. She was nestled between his legs with no escape. Even though he was still sitting in his chair, their faces were thiiis close. Her heart began picking up in pace and she didn’t know what to expect next. He licked his lips and she hated him for it. “Your magic isn’t what I want.”

She swallowed. “Kai, I’m warning you.”

“Twenty years I haven’t seen a woman, Bonnie, cut a guy some serious slack,” he said, inspecting her body. A naughty smile touched his lips and Bonnie couldn’t have felt more naked. She only had on a oversized T-shirt and she was sure Kai’s imagination would fill in the rest. His heavy lidded eyes and low tone made her believe he liked what he saw. “What was that comment I heard about you not being used to guys flirting with you? You’re fucking sexy, Bonnie, get over it. ”

“Let. Go. Of. Me.”

“Fine.” He shoved her away roughly and she damn near fell to the floor. “There’s something that tells me you’ll embrace the darkness all on your own anyway. One evil knows another. It’s how you knew not to blindly trust my plan even when Damon did. It’s why you stupidly sacrificed yourself to an eternity here with me. Because there’s no hope for you. I’m glad you realized that. It makes being a monster a lot easier.”

Bonnie was beginning to scare herself because his words actually were beginning to make sense.

She needed to find a fucking way home before she lost her mind.

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Kylee found herself knocking on the door. Since she was now Dylan and Vanessa's legal guardian; she felt she needed to talk to Karne's parents since Dylan was friends with him. She didn't really like the feel of this place. In fact she just wanted to turn and run.

Karne answered on the third knock, peering out through the cracked-open door. “We don’t buy anything,” he said blandly, going to close the door.

How to write like Tim Burton

Johnny Depp Johnny Depped into the room.
“Something blandly comical,” Johnny Depped Johnny Depp Johnny Depply.
Helena Bohnam Carter tilts her head back and cackles for some reason.

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Does it bother you that Bolin continues to become a progressively better earthbender, but Mako remains relatively useless by contrast? This goes for all firebenders, to be honest. They just blandly throw fireballs and have lost any sort of finesse or skill that they had in the first series. Except lightning, which used to be a rare ability, but now anyone can do it...

"Mako remains relatively useless by contrast"

  • Killed one of the strongest waterbenders we’ve ever seen and one of my favourite characters over all
  • Was onto Varrick before anyone even knew Varrick was a player in the game
  • Is cute af

Modernization of times demanded for lightningbending being used in a practical setting; of course the skill would be commonplace over time. This happened to metalbending too, but you don’t seem to be complaining about that.

Conversely, one could say that Bolin just chucks rocks and that he’s not really improving. After all, wasn’t it Mako who had to help him turn the tides against Ghazan?

Maybe you’re under the impression because we’ve seen far more metalbenders (and, subsequently, those who mastered earth) than firebenders, Bolin’s element is more useful or he has more mastery over it than Mako does his.

To say that Mako remains relatively useless when contrasted against Bolin is ridiculous; I’d suggest rewatching the entire LOK series and letting the light that is Mako come into your life.

Before the light enters you anyways by way of lightning.

“You are a ghost haunting the world of tricks, Parker. Almost no one truly remembers you after you leave a place, often people can’t even agree on what they don’t remember or what you did at all, but despite the strength of your trick at getting you lost you still leave an impression behind on the world. It is not one that helps the people we work for sleep easily at night.”

“I doubt those people ever do.”

She glances over at that.

I smile blandly as Emily Von Pank blows another smoke ring. Properly-worded ambiguities can accomplish more than all the truths and lies in the world. She has no idea what I know, no clue what I don’t know. That she hasn’t tried to kill me – or have people do so on her behalf – speaks volumes about her restraint, or perhaps just common sense.

Or I think far too highly of myself and she just walks in the same non-places I do for different reasons entirely.

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I want Carnage to stay a hero because like, he's doing hero things but he's doing them in a ridiculous and unconventional way and he's blissfully unaware. Way more interesting than angsty crazy man


Though I don’t think Carnage has ever been angsty? He just blandly slaughters shit.