“Blammo! Another successful interaction with a man!”

I just went to the market to buy some food for dinner where I had a Liz Lemon interaction with the cute checker.

Checker: Hey, how are you today?

Me: I’m Good, how are you?

Checker: ALRIGHTY! (Awkward pause) I, I, I mean I’m alright… I’m not alrighty

Me: bah hurhurhur - awkward laugh 

I then look around so I wont make a googly face

Checker: Why are you looking so suspicious?

Me: Hahaha um um I don’t know.

He then hands me my bag and we awkwardly touch hands too long.

I decided on “survival kit” gift bags for the bachelorette. Everyone’s getting a Redbull, a coconut water, mini Scope mouthwash, mini deodourant, a packet of Alka Seltzer, a mini vodka, calming face mask, make-up remover, chocolates, a condom, and a superball.

Blamo Toys wants to give HUGS for Valentine's Day!


Just in time for V-day, Blamo has released a new red stained teak HUG figure… and how adorable are they?!?! Standing just 2” tall, these feature a special set of brass inlay eyes, are limited to just 10 pieces, and can be picked up HERE for a mere $30 a pop! Say I love you… with a HUG!!!

Also up for grabs, and equally as awesome for a Valentine’s Day gift… an amazing hand carved “Raven” figure! “Lost your love on a midnight dreary? Nevermore the Raven will perch on the bust of Pallas above your chamber door and keep eternal watch over you. Dry your tears, love.” Raven is hand carved from Monkey Pod Wood and then painted in a charcoal colorway. He stands approximately 9” tall and comes in a hand-made box. Limited in numbers, you can snag one up HERE for $185!

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry that you went through something like that. Children can be vicious beasts sometimes. I can guarantee you've got about 30 IQ points on them, as well as seemingly one of the kindest souls I've encountered. You win. Crooked or no, that is something to smile about, Duchess.

Awwww thanks friend!!!!!!!!

Yeah luckily I learned to love myself despite what others sad, but it was a rough time for a while. Teenage girls are literally the worst sometimes!!! But now I know that I’m awesome and my friends are awesome and bullies are not to be tolerated!!!!

BLAMO!!!!!!!!!! :D