On the run-up to our Semi-Permanent sideshow and after party at the end of this month we’d like to give you a taste of what the artists involved can create. First off is Tokyo based Australian artist Mark Drew. Mark is the co-founder and curator of China Heights gallery and his work revolves around cassette culture, something that supports the theme of the Back and Forth show quite well.

You can check out Mark’s work on his site Making Ends.


Kittehs kittehs everywhere! #ameliaswan #youngpoe #blakehouse


Thanks to Taz at Project 4000 for shooting this video from Back And Forth!


This is how a Shida is born…

The second artist we’d like to mention in the upcoming Back and Forth show is Jesse Olsen; a locally based artist whose fine line art sees him create incredibly intricate pieces. Jesse’s work extends seamlessly through illustration, tattooing and graphic design with his signature aesthetic shining through no matter what medium.

You can keep up with Jesse’s work via his blog.