Fic: Jitters

Title: Jitters
Author: whatiknew
Artist: pencilpushingenthusiast
Betas: the-cimmerians, aspiringtoeloquence
Word Count: 29,600
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Blaine/Kurt. Blink and you’ll miss it references to past Blaine/Jeremiah, past Blaine/Sebastian, past Blaine/OMC. Santana, Tina, Rachel, Mike.
Warnings: None
Summary: Blaine Anderson gets up at 5am every day to serve coffee with Santana Lopez. And that is the easiest part of his day. As he starts his sophomore year at NYU, Blaine tries to navigate his inevitable conquering of Tisch while figuring out how to talk to the beautiful boy who’s started frequenting the coffee shop. There might be dragons involved.
Disclaimer: All errors in the college theater casting process, the name “Jitters” and the color name “Electric Carrot” are my inventions. Everything you recognize belongs to someone else. I make no money from this and in fact spent quite a bit holing up in the coffee shop near my apartment when I was having issues writing.

A/N: Countless thanks to my betas, both those who agreed to it from the start (Cimm) and everyone I wrangled into it later (Jenny and Aud), as well as everyone who just dealt with my yelling at them during the writing process (Lauren and Murphy). This almost didn’t happen four different times and it’s completely different than the prompt I signed up with. Special thanks to Lucie for her accommodation and sadistic liking of my posts and Cimm, who talked me through the terror of writing the next thing after you’ve written The Thing and the anxiety that entails. CB, thank you for drawing something that made me excited to keep writing and going above and beyond with your interludes. And for not drawing Blaine’s ass smaller like you wanted to.

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Fic: Midnight Confessions


Author: Chazzam (aka Chazzamba)
Artist: Volsura
Beta: Stut—ter
Word Count: 57,600
Rating: NC-17

Summary: A Thelma and Louise Klaine AU with some serious liberties taken.  Kurt convinces Blaine, his best friend, to take a break from his emotionally abusive husband and spend a weekend with him in the mountains of West Virginia.  But when they stop for some drinks along the way, things take a horrific turn.  

And then things start to get interesting.

Note: It is NOT necessary to watch Thelma and Louise in order to understand and (hopefully) enjoy this fic.


~EXPLICIT NON-CON in one scene (though there is now a non-explicit summary posted, should you wish to avoid this, with a link at the beginning of the chapter in question).

~Character death (non-Klaine)                                                                      

~Emotional/mental abuse within a relationship (again, not Klaine)                    

~Violence, murder, use of firearms, armed robbery…let’s just say crime and violence in general

~Substance abuse (only cigarettes and alcohol, if that matters to you)  

~Infidelity (but Kurt and Blaine do not cheat on each other. I want to make that very clear)

~Homophobic/sissyphobic language and behavior                    

~Reference to/discussion of suicide                                          

~Klaine sexytimes (although that may be more of an enticement than a warning…)

I would like to extend all the love and thanks to my beta, Stut—ter, for being generally amazing, extremely flexible with her time and possessing an eagle’s eye for grammatical errors. Not to mention talking me off a ledge when I needed it.  Without her this story wouldn’t be nearly as tight or as nuanced (plus she encouraged me to expand the smut, so feel free to thank her for that).  

And the artwork - can we just talk about the artwork, please?  The very talented Volsura has created the most gorgeous and flawless artwork for this fic (as you can see above), and I am speechless in the face of its excellence.  I strongly encourage you to send her lots of love and praise!     

Link to Fic Masterpost /// Link to Art Masterpost /// Link to Fic on AO3

Synesthesia - A Blaine Big Bang Fic


Title: Synesthesia
Author: hazelandglasz
Artist: monkeybutton
Wordcount: 25,076
Rating: PG-13
Characters / Pairings: Klaine, Samcedes. Includes Cooper Anderson, Tina Cohen-Chang
Warnings: brief moments of homophobia and homophobic slurs, memories of gay bashing (blink and you’ll miss it though) 
Summary: Blaine Anderson is an art teacher at McCornica’s School in Ohio when there is a new music teacher in town. Beyond the friendship that sparkles between them, Blaine finds himself inspired to paint again, inspired by the colors and patterns this new teacher awakens in himself. When a storm forces them to work in the same environment, they decide to see a silver lining and come up with a performance, for both their students and the school’s board

My biggest thank you to all the people who have accepted to help me along the way : Veronica, for giving me her input and for beta-ing the first rough draft ; Misty, for beta-ing and for telling me what I was getting wrong about the American school system ; Gabby, for checking it once more before posting ; Angie, for encouraging me ;  and all of you who showed an interest in the story when it was merely a nugget of a story in my mind ; and finally Teresa, aka monkeybutton, aka the fantastic artist who chose my story in this Big Bang and managed to get exactly what I had in mind.

Art history and painting are two very important components of my life, and Synesthesia inspired by music is the oxygen of my own paintings. I may mention artists or artistic movements that not everybody is familiar with - feel free to hit my ask box if you have any question !

And now, on with the show !

Read on AO3 :)

Verse: Saturday Morning Therapy

Title: Outlaws of Love

Author: slayerkitty

Characters/Pairings: Klaine, Brittana, Eventual Sebofsky, Misc canon season 3 characters

Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Warnings: Implied one-sided Kurtofsky (Karofsky), Implied one-sided SeBlaine (Sebastian), Implied one-sided Sebastian/Santana (Sebastian), Homophobic/Effemiphobic/Transphobic comments/bullying, Vandalism/hate crime, Mentions of suicide/Karofsky’s suicide attempt, Implied bi-curious Sebastian, Implied/Vague references to PTSD/Panic Attacks, Gratuitous use of headcanon for certain characters (Blaine, Sebastian, and Karofsky), Possibly offensive comments from certain characters

Rating: R

Spoilers: Through 3.22

Word Count: 26,321

Disclaimer: Glee and its characters are not mine. I’m just playing with them. The songs and references to other publicly recognized companies and/or brands are not mine either.

Summary: It’s a strange little group they’ve formed, but Blaine doesn’t think it would have worked with any other group of people.

Author’s Note: I was so unsettled by 3.14 OMW, that I wrote the first part of this verse (originally titled Saturday Morning Therapy, but has since been renamed to Keeping It Together) as a way of dealing with the feelings that episode brought up and a desire for the queer characters to actually interact with each other. I enjoyed writing it so much that I decided to continue it, thus making it a verse. 

This is a canon compliant AU of episodes 3.15-3.22 (or as close to canon as I can get) and ultimately a Klaine fic, in case the warnings threw you off. Also, if you’re still willing to read it after that, bless you. 

So many, many thanks to missgoalie75 and star55 for being my betas on this. Also thanks to loverstar for her amazing art!!!




Title: There to Break Your Fall

Author: knightlycat

Artist: deccpc

Link to Art: Here

Rating: Mature

Pairings/Characters: Kurt/Blaine

Word Count: 28,000+

Summary: Blaine was desperate to start over after his father, the most hated man in Ohio, jumps bail the day before his sentencing for investment fraud. He changes his name and flees to New York City, where he meets Kurt, who seems determined to break down his barriers. Blaine wants to believe that happiness is possible for him, but can one ever really outrun the past?

Warnings: AU. Do we warn for Sebastian?

A/N: My entry for the Blaine Big Bang. Huge, huge thanks to my very first beta idoltina for her wonderful feedback. Just as big a thanks to deccpc for the art. Please check out her blog for the full size piece!

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Read on LJ or A03

Blaine Big Bang - Round Three


Schedule of Events:

  • April 5th: Author/Artist/Beta Signups Begin
  • April 22nd: Signups Close
  • May 22nd: First Check In
  • June 22nd: Second Check In
  • July 18th: Rough Drafts Due
  • July 20th: Artist Claim Post
  • August 3rd: Last Check In
  • August 17th: Final Drafts Due
  • August 19th: Posting Begins

Rules and Guidelines:

What can I write about?

— Anything, as long as the main focus of the fic is Blaine and the fic word count equals at least 25,000 words. Darren (RPF) is also acceptable, but Blaine will obviously be the preferred character focus in this challenge. Be adventurous! 

Can I use a WIP (work in progress) that I’ve already started?

—Yes. However, the WIP must have never been posted anywhere prior to beginning the challenge. Also, the words already written in the WIP do NOT count towards the 25,000 word count requirement, so you must still write at least 25,000 words.

Do I need a beta?

— Yes. Your fic must be beta read before the final draft is accepted. There will be beta sign-ups later in the challenge for authors to choose from.

Can I write more than one story?

— Yes. However, both stories must meet the 25,000 minimum word requirement, as well as follow all of the rules.

Can I co-author a story?

— Yes. 

Where do I post my work for check-ins, draft submission, final draft submission, etc.?

— You will submit your work to

Any other rules regarding artist claims, draft submissions, etc. will be addressed at the necessary time. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave us an ask, or email the mods at  Cross-posting will occur both at the Beyond Dapper comm on LJ and here on Tumblr.

Remember the following:

  • Your fic must be at least 25,000 words.
  • Your fic must focus on Blaine or Darren.
  • Your final draft must not be posted anywhere before the challenge ends. You will be assigned a posting date.
  • Your fic must be beta-read before turning in the final draft.

Author/Artist/Beta Sign-Ups begin this Friday, April 5th!!!

Since I was getting some asks about the Blaine Big Bang on Live Journal and so I decided to post some information regarding the challenge as a whole and my fic in particular.

I decided to take this on thanks to my good friend Becca, who introduced me to the post and encouraged me to start. You can still sign up! I suggest you do because it’s my first time and I’m already super excited. If you aren’t ready per say, you can always sign up as a Beta reader to get first looks on rough cuts of fics and even help out some of the authors, it’s a great way to bring your peers work and creativity to the next level.

As far as my fic goes, here are the basic parameters.

  • It is a Bike Chanderson fic. The pairing is centered around Blaine’s relationship with Mike Chang
  • It must be 25,000 words. This is my only challenge, I’ll regularly be asking for help on this so be sure to follow if interested.
  • It is a future AU. I’m setting the year in 2214 with a world reminiscent of Project Glass and A Day Made of Glass
  • Story will include angst, slash (Unsure if smut will be included or just implied), hurt and comfort. No self-harm, gore, etc.

A basic summary is as follows: When AI technology is at it’s peak, the government creates artificial romantic partners to help impede overpopulation and lower the divorce rate. Wealthy, well off families were placed in charge of pairing their youth off with experimental romantic partners; Completely realistic but completely robotic. Enter Blaine Anderson, who’s father purchases him an AI partner named Mike Chang to help him get over a nasty break-up and fill his duty to the American government. Faced with a partner who’s “love” and “affection” is just built into a memory chip, Blaine initially rejects the idea but finds the “fake boy” is better at being human than most.

Now, when I write the story, Mike’s behaviors and back story will be revealed, as will Blaine’s. Fic will feature an established Klaine break-up with sides of Brittana, Kurtbastian and Faberry. So feedback is appreciated, you can send me suggestions/comments/questions right here.