I thought I’d take a break from organizing my sheet music to drop in and say ‘hi’ to all the familiar faces around here! Plus Ellie seems to have made it her mission to gum at least one corner of every piece of paper I pick up, so I figured for the paper’s safety it was best to lock it away until nap time. If anyone’s got any good distraction techniques to get her away from paper I’m all ears; you’d have my undying gratitude. 

Can I just say a huge thank you to Quinn and Sam for looking after Ellie for a couple of hours the other day and giving us some much needed down time. I get the feeling she had a great time - she didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day. If Uncle Sam and Aunt Quinn want to spend some more time with her anytime soon I think she’d be a very happy camper.

Face To Face → Seblaine

[To say Blaine was nervous was a bit of an understatement. Was he really about to go on a date with Sebastian Smythe? The thought seemed unreal to him. He always figured that his life would be spent with Kurt, that the two of them had a real life together. Until everything came crashing down, and then everything with Finn, his entire life took to a new direction. But here he was, deciding to try something new for a change. Maybe it would help, there was no other way to know then to try.]

[Grabbing his wallet and keys on his way out the door, Blaine was ready to go. Sure Breadstix wasn’t he best place, but it was a good place to have dinner for a first date. It seemed to be the only restaurant that anyone bothered to go to, and the food wasn’t all that bad. Putting the keys in and bringing the car to life, Blaine Anderson was ready to go on a real first date.] 

Dalton…Dalton’s gone. I - I don’t…I - 
I’m not sure how to write this, it’s still…it’s…it feels wrong. 
There was an incident early this morning and a fire broke out. The fire service tried their best but Dalton Academy…is gone. As of right now the faculty are trying to figure out the best course of action. I - I don’t know what else to say…To the students who follow me the Principal will be in touch, but transfers to neighboring schools are looking to be the best option.
I’m so sorry.

  • Blaine:tiptoed his way around the kitchen while making breakfast for him and a still asleep Hunter. After silently squealing over the cute collar for his still unnamed puppy, and feeling a bit bad for having to leave the party early, he figured making breakfast in bed for them both would be a good plan. A while later he had a tray ready with two plates on it, each one containing one boiled egg and toasts with jam, plus one bowl with freshly cut fruit for the two, two glasses of orange juice and two coffee cups. Having opened the door first, Blaine walked into the room quietly and placed the tray on the night stand, then sat on the bed and placed a single, soft kiss on the man's shoulder. "Morning, baby..."
one long sleepless night || seblaine

Things weren’t going at all how Blaine had planned this summer. He and Kurt were supposed to be planning their wedding right now, but that all fell apart when Kurt said he didn’t want to get married anymore. And that made Blaine fall apart. He could only count himself lucky that it was the summer holidays soon after it so his NYADA grades didn’t slip too much. He’d have the summer break to pull himself together.

It wasn’t going to happen any time soon. he barely left the apartment - he’d moved into Sam and Mercedes’ place as they hadn’t sold it after leaving. - and whenever he did it was just to get more food or go to one of the nearby gay bars.

It’s where Blaine was now. It was a pretty decent place and he knew it wasn’t likely he’d run into Kurt here. They’d been here before but hadn’t went back as it was pretty pricey, and it was a while away from the loft. Blaine never hooked up when he was there and instead just spent most of the night drinking until he knew he was close to the point of being totally unable to get home, even if he called a taxi. And that was his plans for tonight. He’d only just arrived at the bar, and immediately, he sat down at the bar and ordered his first drink for tonight. He started off slow and took small sips while keeping an eye out for Kurt just in case he decided to come because he thought Blaine wouldn’t be here. Blaine wasn’t ready to face his ex-fiancé. Not yet.

It feels like it’s been ages since I last got on this thing. Then again, it also feels like I’ve been attending a never-ending funeral ever since Dalton burned down. I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about it and have already encountered your own forms of grief, so I won’t go on about it. I know it sounds silly to say out loud (or well, type on screen), but I hope you’re all doing alright. Now that I no longer have an official teaching position at Dalton, it’s been a little difficult to keep in contact with my fellow ex–no, I can’t say it, it’s too terrible Warblers. And I never really considered myself to be in the fold with the new McKinley kids.