I think the best way to go about the glee thing, is to NOT watch it live. Do not give it ratings. Don’t do it.

If you want to watch Glee, even if you just want to see how bad the train wreck is, everyone can watch it here

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au: blaine has an accident. (more)

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You know what I love about Klaine? The details.

I love Kurt drawing a heart with him and Blaine’s name in it just like teenagers do when they have a crush. I love how they were best friends and Kurt was in love with Blaine and then Blaine finally realized that Kurt was something more than a friend. I love Blaine saying I love you at a simple coffee date, just naturally slipping from his lips like its always been true. I love the smiles you only see when they’re around each other and the passionate glances of love they exchange during love songs. I love seeing them walk through the hallway holding hands. I love seeing pictures of each other in their lockers and on the night stand in their rooms. I love that Burt has accepted Blaine into his family. I love that they know each others coffee orders. I love that Kurt runs to Blaine when he’s upset and Blaine has Kurt to offer him advice and make him feel better. I love that they both cherish something as simple as holding hands. I love the songs that you know probably make their eyes light up when they come on the radio cause they can’t help but think of each other. I love the way Blaine tenderly cups Kurt’s face when they kiss as if he’s never touched anything so precious in his life. I love how Kurt always loses his breath around Blaine. I love Blaine chasing Kurt around the choir room with his hands on his waist trying to make him laugh. I love how something as small as sharing a dance could mean something as big as standing up to ignorance. I love the sparkle in their eyes when they look at each other. 

There’s so many wonderful details about this couple that makes them so special. I want more details.

Au. Kurt and Blaine never got back together. Fast forward 7 years and Blaine, now a successful LA musician, is attending NY Fashion Week. He bumps into Kurt who is showing his latest collection. Sparks fly and the two of them are finally able to take on the city. Together.

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