blaine and kurt

Title: Ego Interitu
Author: Sincerelyjessy
Word count: 97k
Chapters: 33 + epilogue
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, Blaine/Sebastian
Rating: NC-17
Summary: “People like Kurt Hummel were the worst kinds of people because they could destroy a whole person; a whole world, and emerge with nothing but a scratch.” Blaine thought he was doomed to spend an eternity teaching public school. But maybe, in the right company, it wouldn’t be so bad.

On-Screen Chemistry

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by thecolfs

Prompt: “Two extras have to sit across from each other and pretend to converse at a restaurant on the set of a movie, but the fake conversation becomes real and they’re really into each other. The director keeps having to call cut because they’re distracting from the actual characters who are supposed to be making eyes/looking like they’re falling in love, not a couple of random extras.”

Words: 2407, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Kurt only waited long enough to get the hospital information from Noah before he dropped the phone onto the seat beside him, not even bothering to disconnect the call. It took him three tries to buckle his seat belt because his hands were shaking too much; Noah’s words, “There’s been an accident,” kept running through his head, chilling him to his very core. He cursed himself for driving so far away from home—really, for just leaving at all.

As he pulled on to the highway, he thought about the last time he saw Blaine—how he yelled at him, how he told him he would never forgive him, how he left him without once ever really telling him how he felt—and now he was lying in a hospital bed, or an operating room or… something else Kurt wouldn’t allow himself to think. Kurt didn’t pay attention to the posted speed limit signs. It didn’t matter—his car couldn’t go fast enough.

He traveled down the highway, weaving in and out of traffic, hating himself for not realizing that the first thing Blaine would have done was get on his bike in an attempt to clear his head, for not noticing, blinded by his own anger, how broken and conflicted Blaine was, for not staying and standing in front of that fucking bike and refusing to move when Blaine tried to leave. Kurt’s knuckles were white as he anxiously gripped the steering wheel, frantically looking for an indication that he was almost there.  He finally noticed a sign telling him his exit was only three miles away, and for one second, just one single moment, he had a feeling of relief; then the guilt washed over him anew.

As he came upon his exit, he honked several times at the person in front of him for going what was probably the normal speed limit before whipping around him, cutting another car off in the process. This was his fault; Blaine wouldn’t have gotten into an accident if he hadn’t left, if he hadn’t pushed him, if he hadn’t yelled.

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belovedaisy prompted: Kurt and Blaine run into one of Blaine’s old bullies in NY.

‘What did you think of Rachel’s dress? It was very beautiful, don’t you think?’ Blaine asked, ‘It was very… Rachel.’

‘It was,’ Kurt agreed, ‘You know what else is beautiful?’

‘Mmm… you?’ Blaine answered hesitantly.

Kurt giggled. ‘Nope,’ he said, ‘You. You are beautiful.’

‘Aww,’ Blaine said, his voice full of adoration and love for the man that walked next to him. His man. He leaned closer to Kurt and rested his head on his shoulder. ‘I love you.’

‘I love you too,’ Kurt smiled, turning his head to kiss the top of Blaine’s head of unruly curls.

They smiled at each other, continuing to walk through the streets of New York with their arms hooked until someone harshly bumped into Blaine, making him stumble back for a moment. Kurt came to an abrupt stop beside Blaine and watched him rub his shoulder with a pained look. ‘Are you okay? Are you hurt?’

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I’ll never understand the hate RPers get for making characters like Blaine, Santana, Kurt or any other lgbt character bisexual or straight. Yes, I get it. There aren’t many gay/lesbian characters in the media and we should cherish the ones we have but getting mad over a game because someone decides to play a character a certain way is bullshit to me.

  • Maybe they enjoy playing the character and have honest belief that they could be bisexual or straight regardless of the show.
  • Maybe they just want to ship chemistry and wouldn’t mind the character being of the opposite sex
  • Maybe they want a certain ship to happen which requires the character to be bisexual/straight

What does it matter? We turn straight characters bisexual/gay all the time in RPs and yeah, you can go on a rant and tell me it’s not the same thing because heterosexuals are the majority but guess what my comeback is going to be? ITS A FUCKING GAME! Your favorite character is still canonly gay. Let it go.

There’s all this meta about Klaine and stairs. A lot of it. And I’m surprised I haven’t seen any about how it’s always been unequal, with one standing above the other:




But, on the day of their wedding

while there are still stairs

They’re standing side by side.