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If you could create and cast Benedict in the absolutely most PERFECT role he could ever be in, what would it be? (include as much detail as you'd like)

Oh dear. I actually have the role. It’s in the novel I’ve been writing for almost four years. I’ll try to describe the character in the context of the novel. And, just to warn you, I am HELLA into character development. I have back-stories for all my characters which include information that isn’t even relevant. I just like to have a really rich back-story to work with. =)

His name is James Clayworth and he is 23 and lives in Bristol. The protagonist of the novel, Corine, meets him when she makes an impromptu trip to Bristol to tie up some loose ends. He finds her crying in a graveyard and upon finding out that she has no accommodations he takes her back to his home that he shares with his older father who is not in good health. 

(The funny thing is that I described James in my writing YEARS before I discovered Benedict, and here are my exact words for his description from then.)

He was around six feet tall, thin, with sandy, ginger hair falling in disarray over his forehead and around his ears. His eyes were a light sky blue, almost grey, and his cheek-bones, well defined, gave him an air of distant royalty. He was lovely. Wearing a black rain jacket with a fitted green shirt underneath and a scarf tied around his neck, his style was understated with his corduroy pants and tattered black Converse sneakers.

As for the character himself. He is a writer studying at the university. He is extremely talented, and his professors are always very impressed and moved by his work. But he struggles with these doubts about himself, and he has a self-destructive spree a mile long whenever he isn’t writing. He had to take on all the responsibility for his father when his sister (whom I incidentally called Olivia ages ago.) left them to go to university at York. He feels trapped.

He and Corine develop a very deep bond, and eventually, as he helps her to find the answers she came to Bristol for, a romantic relationship. He is the first man that Corine has ever trusted. Their relationship is perfect for each other. It’s just the right amount of vulnerability, volatility, love and appreciation. 

Poem For The Pretty Lady <3

I seek the beauty

I see in your eyes

When they twinkle like stars

Dotting the midnight sky

Graceful and delicate

They sparkle and shine

It quickens my heart

And puts a chill on my spine

So smile and laugh for me

Don’t let the world get you down

If I were given the chance

I’d kiss away your frown

Pretty lady you are beautiful

Just remember to believe

You are prettier than the snow

That falls on this winter’s eve