I mostly want to remind her of the recipes of healing, and give her my own made-on-the spot remedy for the easing of her pain. I tell her, “Get a pen. Stop crying so you can write this down and start working on it tonight.” My remedy is long. But the last item on the list says: “When you wake up and find yourself living someplace where there is nobody you love and trust, no community, it is time to leave town – to pack up and go (you can even go tonight). And where you need to go is any place where there are arms that can hold you, that will not let you go.

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Just wanted to share this story, I think it’s sad that these kids are that ignorant that they didn’t see anything wrong with mocking this girls rape using and hashtagging “Jadapose”.  


"A teen’s rape went viral in the past few weeks after photos, videos, memes and other foul jokes were made at her expense. Jada, a 16-year-old from Houston, Texas, said she and other girls were drugged and raped by 17-year-old Innel Yahia and other teenage boys two months ago at a party.  Yahia, goes by the name @WhiteboyLaflare on Twitter. Jada, 16, was openly mocked on Twitter, Instagram and other social media when lewd pictures of her nude and passed out were distributed among her high school classmates. They were using the hashtag #Jadapose to mock the position she was in after she was raped.


Yahia been disputing what happened during the gathering, which lasted until the early hours of the morning. Even though he admitted during a phone call to taking pictures of Jada while naked and sharing them without her consent— “I’m childish,” the teen said— he also claimed that she was the one who poured herself a drink.


"She brought the drink herself from my fridge asked if we could drink it," he tweeted Saturday to his over 5,000 followers. "She knew what she was doing before she came," he continued in a separate tweet that has now been deleted."She never let me hit, she gave me d—- twice," he added— incriminating himself, as that act that could still fall under the bounds of sexual assault under the law.

Now that Yahia has been exposed for his sexual crimes, Jada is campaigning for his arrest. She held a press conference in front of the home at which she was assaulted. The home is reportedly owned by a parent who lives out of the state, while the son lives there alone.

"It’s really sad. I’m hurt— just being here, knowing that that happened to me. … It’s very embarrassing," she told KHOU news.

Police are currently investigating the alleged rape. No charges have been filed against Yahia or any of the other teen boys in attendance.”  (Source :http://gnli.christianpost.com/)

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Black Twitter, a word started as an inside  joke by the black community to describe Black twitter users, has become a buzzword in the past few years. Black twitter has shown its power over social media by starting many trending hashtags. Many of those very hashtags have dealt with race, sex, gender and sexuality. Black twitter more than any other demographic has used its platform to raise awareness around many issues and current events. The murders of Trayvon Martin, Darrien Hunt and Mike Brown gained mainstream media attention because of the social media attention Black twitter brought to it. Below are some of the most empowering and inspiring Black women on twitter. There are many, many more.

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It makes me laugh when any person especially male ask me, “So, what are you mixed with?” Like, literally out of the blue! It boggles me how someone can just assume that because I am beautiful and black that I CANNOT be FULLY black! Us black women come in variety of shades and no shade is prettier than the other, what I need is our black men to do is GET OVER post modern slavery disorder GET RID of the European style type of beauty and STOP bashing your women IE us! We as black women has and go through A LOT! We are seen to be strong that nobody expects us to be fragile, they expect us to not get upset or be passionate when we are done wrong without being deemed “ghetto”. Need I say more? Learn to love us again why don’t cha? #foodforthought #blackwomen

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