All right I decided to do another toon line up since I’ve added a few new toons and got rid of some old ones. Click Captions for names of each, starting from the left and going onwards!

You can tell I like playing mesmer a lot. I only have three engis b/c i keep telling myself I can make myself like them but so far it’s not working. Dantivo, Ranarc, and Carrol are my only 80’s.

i love when I

say look at the handwritings i get yelled at that it doesn’t matter and producers write it UNTIL PPL START COMPARING A NOTES AND ALIS HANDWRITING

i love how i get yelled at for talking about bodies and shapes and matching character with A and BlackVeil ENLESS PEOPLE WANNA SAY ALI IS A

this is why ima delete tumblr soon



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Green Rider by Kristen Britain


Genre: Fantasy

Young heroine Karigan hardly has time to regret being expelled from school (for dueling) before finding herself committed to the desperate errand of a murdered Green Rider. The Riders are an elite messenger corps using both horses and magic; the message is a terrible warning. Bad things from bad places are invading this fantasyland, their presence being only part of a devious, sorcery-aided human struggle for the throne. Karigan’s wild ride is beset by a variety of enemies, but aided by her own developing talents plus certain strange allies. These include the tormented ghost of the dead Green Rider himself—still pierced by and trying to resist the chief villain’s black arrows that ensnare the soul. Delivering the message to a suspicious court is only half Karigan’s job: can it be interpreted in time?

Recommended by ladybeforethewar

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