Finally getting through all the episodes! We need to speak of how we set ourselves back by not investing in ourselves..With all these new global African millionaires and billionaires -you would think we wouldn’t need to beg others to fund us in telling our own stories! 

Self Validation above all is the way forward! So proud of Us!!! B4 America/ Hollywood was introduced to Lupita - she was part of the great cast telling the story of another African City called Nairobi, in one of the greatest productions of our generation on the continent entitled “Shuga”. Now Accra City is being spotlighted in An African City! As the great Chinua Achebe said ” If you don’t like someone’s story, write your own”… instead of criticizing the doers! 

#NR #BET.Com 

"Some may criticize this series as showing a one-sided perspective of Ghanaian life: these girls are educated, relatively affluent and worldly. What would you say to those who feel you’re not accurately representing the population?…. " I think that all the times that I have seen Ghana represented on mainstream media, that has not been a fair representation. There’s more to the story than that . When Hollywood shows Africa, it’s poverty, war & disease, & that’s only part of the story. They have not given you the full picture. I wanted to change the dialogue…" #ChangingTheConversation - I hope BET will take heed now that it is in Africa that there are great African productions that should be incorporated into their line up at home and abroad instead of selling an entire continent and beyond the same ole same ole! I said this to the VP of BET Africa when they first came into the continent that they must invest in Africa and African productions not just feed us their usual past dated content- It’s the digital age-we have access to that already!  Black Entertainment is Global and should be as inclusive as we tell others they should be! We have always been educated, relatively affluent and worldly… If you didn’t know then get you some learning because there are young street peddlers that can speak with you in a multitude of languages & tell you their history and yours on any given day without having had the western idea of formal education! #LivingByOurOwnStandards #BlackStarNation #KeepShining #IfYouBuildItTheyWillCome …

<3 how the world is coming toward this series…. It maybe cliche but we too are the world in our failures as well as our greatness!

It has often been said that Africa is poor. What nonsense! It is not Africa that is poor. It is the Africans, who are impoverished by centuries of exploitations and dominations. We are today the richest and yet the poorest of continents, but in unity our continent could smile in a new era of prosperity and power” Dr. Kwame Nkrumah #Ghana #BlackStarNation #ForwardEver #BackwardNever

"It amuses her, always has, this disregard of Africans for flowers, the indifference of the abundantly blessed ( or psychologically battered) - the chronic self-loather who can’t accept, even with evidence, that anything native to him, occurring in abundance, in excess, without effort, has value"… #RedFriday #RedRed … Wearing, Seeing, Smelling & Eating Red today - hoping that we will find value in the blooms of our flowers and allow the #BlackStarNation to Shine! (at Republic Of Global Fusion)

#FoknPaa #BlackStarNation gave the USA a 4th of July present … Happy BirdDayyyyy o!!!! LOL! 

Congrats Team #USA - you came hard & deserved the win! Every man’s # has to come up sometime- today 2-1 came in favor of #TEAMUSA  (at Il Posto)