Games With Names ~Gray~

Popuri giggled as she threw feed to her families chickens and they all rushed too her. This was one of the few things that she was allowed to help with around the farm, and she loved it. The chickens were all so cute! Popuri made a high pitched squeeling noise when she noticed a plump chicken with a pink bow tied around it.

The pink haired girl scooped up the chicken in her arms and snuggled her face against it’s soft feathers. “Good afternoon, Clucky!❤" Popuri said to the chicken. "How’s my special girl today? Has Princess been causing trouble again?" she asked as if she expected Clucky to answer. She had raised Clucky from a chick, and hadn’t ever allowed Rick to sell her. Clucky was her special chicken.

blacksmithtobe replied to your postYo. /grins Glad you finally got to hauling your butt back here.

Pff. Something like that. It’s been a b-Tch, he’s the same as aways. That old coot can suck a turnip. Oh, but speaking oh him, he was heading out with the others to set up for the fireworks. Guess that’s what you came here for, huh?

*chuckles* This place never changes, man. But, yeah! I look forward to this place every year, a lot because of today. The whole town there already? We better get going! Maybe people will get hungry and come to buy something before the show starts. You got a date this year?


Selphy kept her head low, peering up cautiously with a book clutched tightly in her arms. It was her first time to Mineral Town and she was anxious. It was a simple delivery. Annette was off for personal reasons and had asked Selphy to deliver a book to the blacksmith’s in Mineral Town. “Oh…Why couldn’t Ganesha do this, instead? I could be at home reading a book!” Selphy whined softly to herself, keeping her look out for the blacksmith’s shop. She had walked all the way from Trampoli and her feet ached; physical exertion wasn’t her forte, and she could feel herself becoming a bit dizzy. At last, as a cool autumn breeze blew her straw-colored hair all around her, she saw a large sign clearly marking her destination.

A new burst of energy found its way into Selphy as she quickened her pace toward the door. Leaping the last length, she lifted a gloved hand and pounded her fist against the door. “Delivery to…uh…Gray!” she cried triumphantly, stepping back to wait for an answer.  

blacksmithtobe asked:

Hey. I could use some first aid... I wouldn't bother, but it's my dominant hand so I can't do it myself... /holds up bleeding hand/ ((is it okay if I just jump in your askbox? ; u ; ))

“Ah! Of course, let me have a look.” After giving her hands a quick rinse and dry, she carefully reached over to grasp Gray’s hand, wanting to assess the level of damage that had been done. “Mind if I ask what happened?”

blacksmithtobe asked:

Heh. Don't think I forgot that teapot dare so easily. So spill it. Pastime.

*internal scream, not so much about him as it is about disclosing information* … Fine. Whatever. It doesn’t bother me. *takes extra care to make sure her tone isn’t clipped* 

… I have a diary. I write in it… daily.

… I’ve been… tracking Sophia… a little. Especially when someone visits. *sidelong glance, frowns* 

I find myself in the desert a lot… for no reason. *somewhat distant gaze* … Memories. 

blacksmithtobe replied to your post: Hey. I’m bored. Mineral town’s library is closed because Gotz is doing renovations. Not like you’d care, but whatever. That’s my excuse. /huffs and looks around/ Is there any sort of organization here? I can’t make heads or tails of it…

/eyes follow motions/ Uh huuuh… /considers abandoning ship when he sees a cool looking sci-fi book. Gets it and returns/ Tsk. Unfortunately, what I was sorta interested in is ‘boring junk’ by your standards. I want a book on culture. Plus this one.

/snatches the sci-fi book from your hands, analyzing the cover closely/ Hmm…Culture? What kind of culture, and what for? /nods slowly and looks back up at Gray, shoving the book back into his hands/ I don’t think culture is boring! Just…not my kind of book! I’ll help you find what you need if you specify!