Hey, I got tagged again :)

This tag is to get to know the people behind blog better. As with any tagging game here are the rules: 

Rule 1- Post the rules

Rule 2- Answer the questions the tagger asks of you in their post and then make 11 new ones

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Questions from potterheadsandstarkids:

1) What book are you reading? (If any)

I am currently reading ‘The Perks of being a Wallflower’ and re-reading 'City of Bones’. Both are at this point great.

2) Who’s your favourite Starkid? (If you like Starkid)

Lauren Lopez. I have a massive crush on her. I thought her portrayal of Draco Malfoy was inspired

3) Which Harry Potter book is your favourite?

Probably the third. It introduced one of my favourite characters (Sirius I will always love you) and it ended relatively happily. Plus it is one of the few books in the series that I don’t have to skip parts of. I love all the books, but they can get kind of heavy. I did like the fifth, because the characters were as stressed about exams as I am currently ;D (I am crying on the inside)

4) Who’s your favourite male actor?

oooh, good question. Um, Mat Baynton or Richard Ayode or Bradley James or Colin Morgan or David Tennant or Jensen Ackles or Rupert Grint or Tom Felton. It may not look like I narrowed my list down. But I did. I really really did. I don’t know.

5) Have you ever worn sunglasses outside when it’s raining?

Um, possibly I have. By mistake. Like, I go out on a really sunny day, wearing sunglasses, and then I get assailed by a surprise rain attack. While wearing the sunglasses. That could have happened.

6) Favourite character from The Hunger Games?

Finnick or Peeta.

7) Do you enjoy Sci-Fi films?

I enjoy sci-fi anything, but I probably prefer fantasy, romance and comedy when it comes to film types :)

8) Sunset or Sun Rise?

Sunset, because you could just stay out there all night, alone in the darkness. Sunrise means a day is beginning, and the aloneness is going to stop. I think there’s something magical about sunsets.

9) Are you a Vegetarian/Vegan? 

I am a vegetarian :)

10) Have you ever danced around in public to your favourite song?


11) Ever sang into your hairbrush in front of a mirror?

Yes. I really put a lot into it. I sung like people had paid to hear me sing. And like the hairbrush really was a microphone.

I’m just going to tag a couple of people, because I forgot/didn’t want to bother them first time round, but again, they don’t have to do it if they don’t want to :) (and again, anyone who wants to answer the questions can :))







1. What would you say was your favourite thing about yourself?

2. Who is your favourite fictional character of all time and why?

3. If you could write for any show, which would it be, and what would you change about the way it is already being written?

4. Top five ships.

5. Best thing about where you live?

6. Do you play any instruments?

7. Top 3 TV shows.

8. Top 3 films.

9. Top 3 books/book series.

10. what real place would you most like to visit/live in?

11. What personality trait do you most admire or respect in someone?

blackqwops replied to your post: No one in this country wants to go to war with China. No one wants war, period. I know at this point a resource and weapons war with China is inevitable, but why fight a battle no one wants? Please, Mr. President, people of Congress, think about the people before making a rash decision. We’re not ready for war, nor do we want it. Why is peace such a difficult concept?

i think that they think war is a good idea. think about it, it brought us out of the great depression. war will bring jobs. i think that’s the part of it they think will be positive.

It’s not even that, though.  It’s like the war with Russia, it’s basically a “my penis is bigger than your penis” war.  Op, they have guns? YEAH, WELL WE HAVE MISSILES.  Our country’s already in debt and doing this will put us in a worst spot, especially since it’s very possible that nukes will be used this time.  It’s amazing they weren’t against Russia.