Plumper - Image taken today (22/08/14)

A37 Plumper……this is a tough image for me to look at and share. It shows a very sick, emaciated, slow moving and shallow breathing brother of one of the most iconic families of Northern Resident Killer Whales. And he is under 40 ye3ars old a testament to years of swimming and fishing in polluted waters. Sad to think maybe this will be my last image of him. Tonight Orcalive posted that as Plumper and his Brother Kaikash pushed through the tide in Blackney Pass Plumper was lagging way behind and not able to fight the current…..both were pushed back and Plumper looked so exhausted he almost wasnt even surfacing…….poor guy


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What’s it like to do a full four lap race at the Manx Grand Prix in tricky damp conditions with mist over the Mountain? Watch this full length onboard video and see for yourself. Rider is Steve Blackney who finished 34th out of 94 starters and he’s riding a Yamaha R6 for Vendetta Racing  Steve has to negotiate hundreds of corners, damp patches, standing water and pick his way carefully past a number of yellow flag incidents. If he had to ride this hard to finish 34th, imagine how hard the leaders must have been pushing!

Video is from the 2012 Senior Manx Grand Prix 

Week 13: Reflections of this Trimester

What a Trimester, what a journey. This Trimester with coding was an absolute blast. I learnt so much about what I wanted to do as a designer, what I needed to work on and what I am actually capable of. Coding really isn’t my thing, though I kept trying to work at learning, I have now learnt to read code at least, so I can easily communicate with the programmers in order for them to create what I need. 

It had been an absolute honour and a pleasure to work with Mike Blackney our tutor, he was an incredible teacher that helped us through so many road blocks. 

This trimester was the one that made people consider their place in the industry, but this trimester really has increased my drive to get out there and make games. Once again this trimester has helped me grow as a designer and a human being. I look forward to returning next Trimester to continue my journey as a game designer!


 (The memories!)