The Great Wave Leggings
Mucha Black Leggings
Clouds Leggings
Peacock Leggings
The Dollar Leggings
Helvetica Leggings LIMITED
Manga Girls Dress LIMITED
Uncle Sam Swimsuit LIMITED
Cross St Peter White Skirt
Cross St Peter Black Skirt

Cross of St Peter Black Leggings 

The Awesome Suit 
Evil Cheerleader Black Dress
Amerika Leggings LIMITED
Amerika Suspenders LIMITED
Amerika Bandeau LIMITED 
Judge 2.0
Velvet Dark Blue Leggings
Velvet Mulled Wine Leggings
Pyramids Gold Leggings
Pyramids Red Leggings
Pyramids New Silver Leggings
Pyramids Red Skirt
Pyramids New Silver Skirt
Pyramids Gold Skirt
Psychedelic Chess Leggings LIMITED

Wet Look Black Leggings
Wet Look Black Suspenders
Lace Suspenders
Spartans Liquid Gold Leggings
Spartans Liquid Silver Leggings
Spartans Sheer Leggings
Spartans Lace Leggings
New Liquid Leggings 

So… are we cool?



I love this. I love my dogs. I love this green scenery. I love my hoops. I love my house. I love the colors and the plants and my crooked tree and everything else about this place. Every time I reminisce about it, it never seizes to amaze me. I’ve been residing in this beautiful place since 6th grade! I remember my best friend yesenia living in the two story corner house down the street. I miss that house. Now she is all grown up and has a baby and a family. I’m happy we keep in touch a little here and there. She was awesome and although, we have our own lives now, I will never forget the sleepovers, the walks, the talks, and all the crazy little innocent adventures we had. I was so young… I made a promise to myself to never stop loving myself like i had before and its become a promise ill keep forever. Much love little followers! Hope you all enjoy my hoops and my house as much as i do. :)


It seems as though I have a theme song. Accurate title too. 

breaking ties - a sasaki haise fanmix 
listen on 8tracks :: dont delete text 


goner - twenty one pilots :: the man of a thousand faces - regina spektor :: the pull - now, now :: rain smells - burgess creative :: staying - koda :: breaking ties - ocean lab :: let it be - blackmill :: woman (reading) - la dispute :: iscariot - walk the moon :: the sinking man - of monsters and men :: giving up the gun - chamberlain :: that’s okay - the hush sound 

for everyone sasaki has left behind, and from them to him as well
this is our farewell to you


Blackmill feat. Veela - Let It Be


Pre-workout, Dancing to one of my favorite Artists @blackmillmusic - Let It Be. Such peaceful music. 😌🎶 #MyMorning #Blackmill #LetItBe #Dance #PreWorkout

anonymous asked:

songs: pretty much anything by blackmill, the glitch mob, youth lagoon, jack conte, muse (sunburn), tokimonsta (go with it & soul to seoul), wren (stiff) :D (sorry if you don't like any of this)

I would be okay going to a club playing this kind of music, but I would not put it on my iPod. I would be afraid that my iPod would start drinking cupcake sprinkle flavoured vodka shots and calling up some guy named Chad who has a friend of a friend that can get you some MDMA real cheap. It’d end up sitting on the street corner with a tear in its aqua sequin minidress writing avant-garde poetry with a hobo.

Your favorite Pandora station?

“Chill Out” radio is my shit. I love more laid-back electronic music. It puts me in the mood for everything. If it was to be just laying in bed and being lost in thought. It provides a background soundtrack to whatever is going through my head. It’s not all hype-y and in your face(-y?) which isn’t to say that kind of electronic music is bad. I love it all. I don’t know why people hate.

Chillout Playlist

For anyone who is stressed out and has time to relax, here some music to listen to to ease the stress…

Force For Truth - Nomak

Nostalgia - Nitin Sawhney

It’s Not True - William Fitzsimmons

Mars Remix (feat. Blu) - Dela

Bubbling Well Road - The Shanghai Restoration Project

Voice Of Autumn - Nujabes

Stratus - Uyama Hiroto

Always - Panama

Curious - Olive

Windspeaks - Nujabes

Fortune Soul - Blackmill

Like The Rest Of Us - Atmosphere

…just relax. Either lay in your bed, or sit in a chair. Just close your eyes and relax.