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This never gets old. (Hang on ‘til at least 2:39 for the full effect.)

Watching the Blacklick Valley High School production of Les Mis. I can’t decide whether I should be laughing or crying. It’s just so…interesting. 

I’m trying my very hardest to be nice about this, so here are three nice things:

  1. Gavroche is full of enthusiasm!
  2. Javert tries on “Stars,” he really does. A for effort!
  3. The set is quite well made. 

I’d never remembered all the funny changes they make to the school production so there isn’t too much cussing. Probably because when my school did it, I’d never seen it before and had nothing to compare it to. 
Here is one of my very favorite changes, simply for the way it DOESN’T FIT THE MUSIC AT ALL: Gavroche, instead of singing “Tough on the teeth but what the hell,” sings “Tough on the teeth but o-oh well,” with the “o” taking up two syllables.

But even though I’m being very nice, I must point out the horrid vest that Enjolras wears. Three gold stripes, right at the top. Sigh. 

Also, props to Marius for being socially awkward, just like he should be! Even though it might not work for this…but seriously that kid is the best part of the whole production. 

(And many thanks to keeping-up-with-the-amis, whose blog directed me to this production. )

Did anyone ever save the blacklick valley les miserables videos before they got taken off of youtube? I just heard “One Day More” and I am so desperate to hear the rest of the show, dear lord I swear I will love anyone who can get me the videos forever