Alone They Are Broken, Together They Love


“Alsoomse?” He asked tentatively as he saw her cringe and look down at her arm. He frowned a bit, noticing that it had swelled since he had cleaned it. Perhaps he would see if one of the surgeons in the camp could take a look at it. Grimacing, he knew that she would fight him on it, but he was no doctor and it was better for them to look at it. “Are you okay?” She would lie to him of course, and he wished she wouldn’t, but that was part of her, she didn’t want him to worry. Connor just wished she would understand it hurt him a bit when she lied to him, especially about things such as these.

She looked up at him as he asked her if she was okay, letting out a deep sigh, she knew better than to try and fake this one. “It hurts,” she said softly as she looked back down at her arm. “But not terribly,” she said sarcastically in hopes she would reassure him. “You sure you want to spend the rest of your life looking at this injury? I can tell it is going to scar,” she said with a bit of disappointment. It would just add to the many others that she had on her body. Shaking her head, a smirk curled to her lips, “I still cannot believe you asked me, are you sure you really want to Connor?” She asked sincerely as she looked up to him once more.

Strangers from different Time Periods || Closed RP with @blackhawkconnorkenway

 A rather quiet day with nothing to do, Joanna thought as she walked through the rather loud and busy shopping centre.  She reflected for a minute on how lucky she’d been to have this day off; it’d been a while since she had a break from anything.  

Smiling unconsciously, she continued to make her way through the crowds of chattering people, wondering why today was especially crowded.  It wasn’t a weekend - not yet anyway.  Curiosity took over and she began to push past the crowds of people.  

That’s when she noticed him.

She watched in awe and fascination as a strangely dressed and hooded figure wandered about, stopping every once in a while to glance around at his surroundings.  People passing by him would often pause and glance at him strangely as well.  No doubt the man was lost, she noted as she made her way down to the lower level of the mall to where he was standing.  

“Hey, are you alright?”  She asked him, her eyes wide and bright with curiosity.  

Modern!AU @blackhawkconnorkenway

It occurred during one fine afternoon, the citizens of New York were happily minding their own business as they ran around and about, working, shopping, sight-seeing, resting and other things. But there was this certain woman, a gun and a badge always on her, catching criminals like there was no tomorrow. And during that afternoon, she walked into the police department with another suspect walking beside her like he was on a leash.

The others were working furiously to get their job done in time, paperwork everywhere, phones ringing, orders were being called out as this woman told another man to take the suspect to the interrogation room. Once that was done, she went over to her desk, only to have her last name called out by the captain of the precinct, to which she acted immediately and to the office she went.

What she was to see was quite unexpected… but she did not know that… yet.

An Unlikely Meeting || XO || Closed RP

As soon as she left the rift, Revan felt that something was wrong.

She’d been looking for Haytham, as usual, but there was no sign of him. And something in the Force was wrong – like the amulet had done its best to take her where she was intending, but hadn’t been able to lock on as well as usual. 

There was a man nearby, his back to her.  She could read that he had combat training, from the way he carried himself – not at all unlike Haytham, actually – and that made her be mindful of both his reach and his blind spots.

“Hello there,” she said, letting a smile belie the concern gnawing at her stomach. “I’m looking for someone. Could you possibly help me?”

First Appearances

Wolves. She never wanted to see another bloody wolf as long as she lived, although she knew it was sort of inevitable now. The furry buggers had been especially prominent in the wooded area outside of Boston, and that had certainly not been a great time. Her horse had become skittish at the mere presence of them, making Freya use double the amount of effort to make sure it didn’t rear or bolt off in the wrong direction. It was only another thing to add to the list of negatives she’d managed to compile on her journey so far. She was frustrated and tired, and after days of travelling (and not to mention the perilous boat journey she’d had to endure), Freya was ready to find the nearest inn and sleep for a week, or a month even. But she couldn’t. She needed to gather her bearings in the new environment and get settled in as soon as possible. The sooner she did that, the sooner she could take arms with the local “crime fighters” and get on with her duty. So of course it made sense that her first job was to seek out the person with the best reputation when it came to these parts.

But after a long day she had arrived at her destination. The Davenport homestead. The building was nice, she had to admit, and looking a lot nicer than what had been originally described to her. Freya dismounted her horse, reining it to a small post just by the wall of the estate. She climbed the steps as fast as sore legs would allow, and knocked loudly on the wooden door. Hopefully someone was inside to answer.

[Continuation of a Closed RP with blackhawkconnorkenway]


He shook his head, figuring that she would freak out. Reaching out to grab her good hand, he placed it on his heart and held it there. “I know what I am asking,” he said tenderly, “I love you, more than you realize Alsoomse, you make my heart beat in a way I did not know it could, I cannot go more than a few hours without your touch or a kiss…..” he trailed off and rubbed the back of his neck with his free had, “I’m not an easy person, especially since I can become cold and distant, but… you help me get out of those moods, you… you are my air that I breath and the water I need to sustain my thirst.” His heart was racing, pounding against his ribcage, “I do not want anyone else, because I just want you, I want you to cause me trouble and get me mad, to tease me, to call me old man, when I actually become one… I just want you to hold and care for, to love and to never let go.”

Alsoomse could feel his heart beating through his chest as he took her hand and placed it there. She was completely dumbfounded and taken back by what Connor had proposed,he even just proposed. The feeling she held inside of her, she could not explain. She was completely speechless. “Connor,” she managed to finally speak. “I am the most worst person for you to get involved with for the rest of your life. We have terrible tempers, you and I.” She tried ever so hard to think of ways in which she was not perfect for him, but she was, she could not deny that as for he was just as perfect for her. He was her peace and harmony, a place where she could run to, but instead of being a place, he was here, in front of her, expressing his love for her. Sighing, she finally gave in. “Connor I love you in ways I have never loved another before. But are you sure about this? You are absolutely positive I am the one for you and not some woman of New York? Or any other place for that matter?” She asked as her eyes raced back and forth between his, her heart was also racing, and she could not express the happiness she felt inside in that very moment.

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There isn't a day that goes by that I do not love you more than I already do Alsoomse. You have brought me so much happiness and I know I can rely on you no matter what happens. You see me, as I wish others would, but I think I can live with the fact that they do not and you do. Because you are one of the most important people in my life. I love you dearly and I will protect you from all harm. And yes I will constantly worry about you when you do not want me too. You are my troublemaker.

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When we first met.... I didn't know what to think of you and i was sure that you weren't going to stay around long. I was cold and distant, but you were persistent and I have to say thank you for being so. For becoming my lover and my fiance now. I cannot wait to marry you, start a family with you... you are my everything now, and I love you more than I can tell you in simple words such as these.

Alsoomse was more than taken back by his words. Never had she thought she would end up meaning something to someone one day, alas, she was proven wrong. Her jaw dropped and a smile began to curl at the ends of her lips. She was completely speechless but she had to say something. Standing around in silence with such a vast expression only made herself look like a fool.

“Connor, if I remember correctly, I believe I told you from day one I was not going to leave your side no matter what. I still hold onto such a statement and will for the rest of my life. Though there are times where I cannot stand you, I still find myself to be madly in love with you. How that happened, only you would really know. I am more than grateful that I did and you did as well. However, it does not give you reason to continue this act of being so stubborn towards myself. I will always win that fight, even if I am wrong, but we both know that is completely unlikely,” she chuckled. “I love you so much and I could never find the perfect words to express such a thing towards you. Though, you never really needed words. Thank you for being so good to me, my love.”

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He smirked and continued to kiss her neck, "perhaps, is that so wrong?" He asked as his hand began to move up under her clothes.

A quick chuckle escaped from her lips. “Perhaps, I should make you wait,” the Shawnee purred while placing her hand on his forearm and playfully pushed it away. “It has been a long time, after all.

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Why do you love Connor?

“Why is it I love Connor? What is there not to love about a man such like himself? He is a stubborn and hard headed man. One I clash with so very much. But at the same time I have grown to care for him, more than I have ever cared about anyone else before. Though he and I bicker and argue over nonsense… I love him. I love the arguments and his disobedient manner. He has shown me more kindness than anyone else has since my grandfather had passed so many years ago. He holds a special place in my heart. A place no one else could ever come close to or even touch. Without him… I would not be whole… I would not be complete. I could never bring myself to love another as much as I love that man.”