Meet the people behind blackhaiirstyles

Hi, my name is Zoe!(left) I’m the relaxed owner. I’m a 20 year old student. I’ve been relaxed for 15 years and plan on staying relaxed. I am on a hair journey right now and I recently dyed my hair, but I’m taking extra care of my hair so it stays healthy.

Hello all, My name is Korie and I’m the natural owner. I am 21 years old and I have been natural since I was a senior in high school. Since the start of my natural hair journey I have learned a lot and I’m so happy I now have the chance to pass all I’ve learned on to the tumblr world!

We are able to truthfully answer our followers’ questions because we have experience from both ends. So whether you are relaxed or natural just know you’re in good hands. xx

Hair Color Blogs I Love!

1. lovelydyedlocks - Seriously amazing! The navigation on this blog is set up so well. I stand in awe of the greatness that is this blog. 

2. dyehardblackhair - Specifically for us black girls. Amazing blog! 

3. prettyblackpastel - The pastel trend is going strong and this blog is another one specifically for us black girls. Don’t let google fool you black girls rock pastel hair too! 

If you’re looking for some color inspiration then definitely check out these blogs! xx