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i remember seeing an article of a white passing indigenius family, and they had blackface on to illustrate the point that because they have lighter skin, it doesnt make them any less indigenous. blackface is not okay in any instance, right?

In my opinion, blackface in any case is definitely not okay. I can absolutely see where that family is coming from, because Indigenous identity in Australia in not dependent on skin color and you’re still Black even if you’ve got white/lighter skin… but it still comes down to the fact that doing blackface is a mockery of Black peoples and that it has a definite history of dehumanizing us. 


Pro-tip: If you justify or defend Blackface, you are racist. If you like Blackface, you are racist. If you promote Blackface, you are racist. 

BLACKFACE IS NEVER OKAY. And you are too stupid to even realize that everyone is NOT equal. I can’t even…with all this stupid. 

Since everyone is shedding light on Sam Pepper for all of his sexual harassment towards women in his videos, I think we need to visit a topic that has never really been fully brought to everyone’s attention. Which is Shane Dawson.

Aside from his obvious blackface:




He has so many “characters” of hispanic and african american descent that are horribly offensive. He tacks on offensive “ghetto” accents and tangled cheap wigs and gives the characters the stereotypical racial persona’s like prostitutes, criminals, maids, cholas, etc.

Just a random example of one of his characters that is a maid with an offensive hispanic accent who he depicted having sex with a dog 


He was made popular for his character named Shanaynay who he’s played for years, every video the character is featured in contains extremely racist content. She’s depicted with a “ghetto” accent who makes horrible jokes. I mean there are countless videos of that character and every single one of them contain racist, homophobic, sexist and just outright offensive slurs and jokes. Just go to youtube, type “shane dawson shanaynay” and dozens of videos will pop up and i guarantee each one will have extremely offensive jokes and content.


In character or not, Shane’s videos always contain rape jokes, molestation jokes, racist jokes, sexist jokes, pedophilic jokes and homophobic jokes. Whether he’s in a costume and wig while doing it or just him out of character speaking. I actually lost count on how many times this man has said “F**got” over the years.

I am just making this post based on personal experience watching these videos and I am 100% sure there is way more horrible stuff so if you have anymore to say about this please feel free to reblog and add it on because I didn’t even go into depth of his videos and this is what i found with just about 10 minutes of searching things up. 

Shane has been making youtube videos for over 5 years now and he’s slid by with no repercussion or consequences of his seriously offensive actions. 

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Do you think Mickey Mouse was based off of blackface?

Short answer: Yes

Long media studies answer: Yes, and it’s not really a matter of opinion so much as fact, lol. 

As many cultural historians have pointed out, the classic American animated cartoons emerged from the same milieu that produced blackface performances (like the Amos and Andy show) and minstrel music. Many of the great early animated characters — Felix the Cat, Mickey Mouse, Bosko — had more than a touch of blackface and the minstrel show to them.

Source <- (a good 101 read on the subject)

To some degree, most introductory cartoons from the 1920s/30s drew from vaudeville -Blackface and minstrel aesthetic included- when it came to both character design and content. And by most, I mean Disney, Warner Brothers (Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes), MGM, and R.K.O. 

The influence lasted well into the 1950’s for most, too. 

Although Disney was still hitting us with that Jungle Book/King Louie/I wanna be like you racism well into the 1960’s, but I digress. 

((If you’re looking for a 1920s cartoon character/mascot that was most definitely hella omgwtf based on Vaudvillian blackface acts, check out the original design for Warner Brothers’ character Bosko. 
Not the cute retcon’d Tiny Toons version; the original— 


The image doesn’t do Bosko and Honey justice though. You can watch The Talk Ink Kid for animated confirmation. There’s even a really racist Asian-stereotype moment! Wowzers.))

Longer media studies answer with bonus content: 

So that’s in terms of design. 

 In terms of content, the studios of that time did some hella racist stuff—shoutout bugs bunny—and Disney/Mickey Mouse was no exception. 

Our dear mouse-pal has straight up appeared in blackface— 

Source: Mickey’s Mellerdrammer


Depicted extremely shitty caricatures of Africans— 


Source: Trader Mickey 
(note the cab calloway sounding music around that 4:40 mark~). 

And the Disney comic books are much of the same—


"Voodoo Hoodoo" - 1949


"Voodoo Hoodoo" - 1949


"Lost In the Andes" - 1949
(Images from Comic Book Resources


"Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Annual: A Black Outlook" -1932


"Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Annual: A Black Outlook" -1932
(Original images from Moments In Time).

So it was the whole shebang, really. 

Of course, over time the studios have delivered some major character design overhauls and mostly stepped away from those origins.

More reading on the subject: 

- jt

A 19-year-old girl has deleted her Twitter account after she tweeted a photo in blackface stating she’s now “apart” of “Black Twitter”and users started posting personal information about Sara’s place of work, as well as her real name. 

After Clutch Mag, as well as a number of blogs, made posts about her actions, Sara emailed Clutch Mag attempting to clear her name and have her picture removed because, well, just read her email below:

"The photo you are using for your post is illegal under Section 512 of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, considering it is an unsolicited photo of myself posted without my consent or even my parents consent considering I am a minor. I would like it removed immediately, before I have to get my attorney involved. I am issuing a takedown notice under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. I would also like to present that I did not understand the cultural significance of “blackface” and I had innocent intentions. I don’t think it is worth ruining my chances of going to college someday.

Thank you!

Apparently Sara considers being 19-years-old a minor, the age that was already discovered by “black Twitter”. What’s funny, is that NOW she’s worried about her photos resurfacing online, when it didn’t bother her to post other photos like this on Twitter.

Sara was offered a chance to respond to the backlash she received but she doesn’t get it, obviously:

"I don’t know why I would apologize for a picture I posted of myself and a friend in a face mask. It is not my fault, but much to my dismay, that people fake RT’d it saying racist things, as well as used tweetgenerator to make me look racist."


When perpetrators feel victimized and believe their own lies. Pure comedy. She’s a clueless ass and so is her friend. 


This video is really important.

I know Shane Dawson gets a lot of hate for his videos, which have in the past been very offensive. Nothing can excuse that.

BUT this is the type of shit I think a lot of us have been waiting for from a lot of different youtubers. 

Here is shane taking accountability, understanding what he did is wrong, trying to fix his ignorance, deleting the offensive videos off his channel, and educating his quite young audience. This is what I think an apology should look like.

He doesn’t try to defend himself, or explain how his videos were okay. He understands how he is wrong, and does the best he can with the situation how it is now.

I know there is still stuff he has done wrong, but this is such a positive step, and the youtube community should recognize the attempt to reconcile. 

At least that’s how I see it.

Shane Dawson is a Racist, and the community needs to stop being quiet about racist content creators.


I commented on his video because I’m sick of it. I’m sick of a community that will so quickly and vehemently rid themselves of a guy pinching cute White girl asses, but is too cowardly to speak out against prominent youtubers who have been racist in videos, on stage at Vidcon, and elsewhere. It’s not okay. It’s not to be tolerated, and I’m not going to back down. I want an apology that isn’t just covering your ass because your movie is tanking everywhere. I want you to admit that you perpetuated stereotypes that have ended the lives of Black and Brown people around the world—in your videos. And I want you to tell your rabid fans that they’re wrong. Because you are helping shape young minds that will continue these horrible oppressive acts if you don’t. 

Shame on you, Shane.

A middle school history teacher in small-town southeastern Michigan has been placed on paid administrative leave because he informed students that white entertainers used to paint their faces black to imitate black people and showed kids a video about it. The teacher is Alan Barron, reports the Monroe News. The suspension occurred after an assistant principal observed Barron teaching an eighth-grade class.

Teacher suspended for telling the truth about American history and even called a racist for doing so. I’m glad the parents oppose the suspension. Why do people get punished for telling the truth?

This person just followed me on Instagram, they are a French ‘makeup artist’ and this is a shoot they did.

I don’t need to explain how disgusting and offensive this is on so many levels (the shoot is called ‘Geisha Noir’- I know right, I want to throw up)

I have reported this image as well as two others posted from the same shoot as hate speech/symbol- please followers do that same.

We need to let people who perpetuate this kind of racist imagery know that this isn’t acceptable.

The account is MROMEROMAKEUP

Go! Go! GO



Thank you so much to everyone who reported the images and reblogged the post to get the word out, you guys give me so much hope

yall remember that youtuber “onision” ? he just made a video saying that “blackface isn’t offensive because it’s a “”joke”“” comparing this portrayal of whiteface which comes with no societal setbacks 


to blackface 


which i mean comes with no historical context, antiblack setbacks and doesn’t aid to global systematic racial oppression of black people :)


why do mediocre whites think they can get away with everything?