seriously though, the bitingly sarcastic queer tumblr community brightens even my darkest days

and the queer gamers never cease to amaze and inspire me with their beautiful headcannons

and the hella attractive and smart and amazing peeps that have to overcome all this nasty racial fetishization and cultural appropriating bullshit from all sorts of gross people but keep their heads high and rock out

like yeah tumblr as a whole can be embarrassing but i love you guys fricking dangit

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"Fashion Rendezvous" Episode 01(Percy)

Qui es-tu?

-Je suis un petit rêveur avant-gardiste

D’où viens-tu?

-Je viens d’Afrique, du Congo Kinshasa plus exactement

Quel est ton style?

-J’essaie, du plus que je peux, d’avoir un style original, en cassant même qq règles s’il le faut

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My entire life, I have always wanted a pair of plaid tailored pants and by golly gee I finally found these babies yesterday! My entire outfit is attributed to the wonderful GOODWILL stores across america. 

This winter, for me is all about finding those awesome pieces that lie hidden within the abundance of thrift stores and supporting small upcoming businesses! I’m not the richest person when it comes to the financials, however, I am rich in love, family, and friends. I cherish all them a great deal!

My purpose is to inspire my fellow dapper women (who are balling on a budget) that you can still be classy, handsome/beautiful and dandy hitting those thrift stores up! Anything is possible when it comes to expressing ourselves.

Personally, I enjoy the thrill of being in a huge antique/thrift shop, it’s literally a scavenger hunt and once you find those unique pieces, you leave feeling so accomplished because you purchased one of a kind item. Those are the things that keep me going back. So encourage everyone to keep that thrift game alive! =)


IG: Radtasticly_Cam