Five Facts:

1. I just ‘harvested’ my first plantsim ever in my game and I am excited like a kid on christmas.

2. I ate too much like two hours ago and am still stuffed, derp.

3. Last night I watched LGRs Fast Lane Stuff review and when he pointed out, that it’s called ‘Full Fart’ in some scandinavian language, I laughed so hard, that my cat ran away hissing.

4. It’s very autumny here, which makes me want to hibernate.

5. I have to edit a good 100 Sims pics now, so I better get going!

Thanks for the messages, blackcat, sjoko and kerica!

This is a small fanfic type thing to honor the Blood legacy by Blackcatsims (I LOVE YOU NEVER STOP BEING AMAZING). I would like to think that before Zara committed suicide that she wrote a letter to her son Jaden because well he is amazing and who wouldnt love that male. So enjoy :D


To my dearest Jaden,

You must be all grown up and at least 18 now. I bet you are handsome just like your father was. I want to say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you first walked, talked and started school. I love you more than I can say. You are the gift I leave for this world, proof of the love that your Father and I shared. A love so powerful that words cannot express it. YOU Jaden, you are my highest achievement.

I can see you sitting there shaking your head asking yourself how I could have left you if were so important to me. I don’t expect you to forgive me but please at least let me tell you my side of the story.

I wasn’t born to the Fae like my brother, your uncle Tristan, was. I was human, soft squishy pink little … human. I hated myself. I knew that I was never meant to live like that; a fragile, mortal shell. Once I was old enough I set out to earn my wings. I was successful, but I realise now that it came with a price.

I became Zara the Elemental; an Ice Faerie. I was so happy, until I began noticing a few small … let’s call them, repercussions. I would find myself standing in the freezer, just trying to cool off; the heat was stifling to the point I thought I would die. Around this time I found sculpting large slabs of ice as a way to comfort myself. Perhaps that was the start of it all; I felt myself drifting away from my family. I felt like everything was freezing over … then I met your father, Apollo.

The moment I first saw him my heart skipped a beat. I felt alive for the first time since earning my wings. Just by looking at him my whole world would brighten. He was a Fire elemental, the polar opposite of myself; so warm and alive…so bright. He was everything that I missed from the world and I wanted him all to myself. Every day that we spent together I could feel the ice lifting from my heart. He made me feel … normal. I though I had finally found true happiness.

Your father was obsessed with his power and he wanted to learn as much as he could about his magic. He encouraged me to learn with him, but I see now that we were learning for different reasons; he wanted fire to bend to him, rather than letting himself bend with the fire.

Apollo had been sneaking off to go and practice on his own and once I found out I begged him to stop. I knew it was dangerous. He agreed to let up, but he went back in secret … one last time. That was the night that I learnt that I was pregnant with you. It was also the night your father died.

They made me come to the warehouse to identify him. My world froze. My heart stopped beating  as I looked down at him … what was left of him. I went numb and the world around me did too.

I want you to understand; I didn’t leave because I didn’t love you. I left because my heart and soul died that night. The bonds that tied us together in life had been cut. I had to follow him. Life without him was … impossible. Before it was time for me to leave I wanted to bring my last gift into this world; you. One day I hope you find the love that we had. It is my greatest wish for you.

Please understand that I knew that Tristan and Artio would raise you to be a wonderful person. Tristan always had such a love for life, he was always so happy and carefree. Artio is the same. I envy them for their happiness but I also knew that you would be far happier with them than you ever would be with me. You are happy aren’t you Jaden? I pray you were never without hugs and kisses. Gods, I pray it to be true.

You, Jaden, are my legacy. You come from a proud Fire Fae and a selfish Ice Queen. You have the power within you to do whatever you wish with your life. Know that I have and will always be watching over you. I may not have raised you but I hope that you think of your father and I at times. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there. I hope one day you can forgive me.

Love always and forever,

Zara Blood.”


In no particular order

These are crushes based on them just being awesome people with awesome blogs, not a statistical clicky thing. I don’t like to do these a lot but I though I should give a shout out to my friendlies. 

treason-and-plot  witty as hell and nice as can be, also one sexy beeyotch

ilikeyourfacesims  nicest woman ever and rockin’ taste in CC creations

madimystique  prettiest berrysims hands down, and as sweet as the maple syrup that runs though her veins

blackcatsims kindest girl and great legacy in diary form to read

wlaj one of the best cc free builders and continuing to grow, as well as the most articulate, smart and kind teen I’ve known

titosims  always helpful and kind with some interesting character sims to boot

mosneakers if you like to quote lyrics back and forth she’s your gal, as well as just a ton of fun to talk to with an interesting story to post

shannasims  runs some helpful fab blogs, and is sweet and friendly great for a chat


This is Paige, she is a witch that has just moved to Newtown Shire. She will be the main focus of my Shire story once I have all the other residents moved in. For now, she just wanders about while I am busy populating. :) 

Oh, I forgot. She has moved into “Witch’s Cottage” (available here). It was built and furnished by blackcatsims…


Newton Shire by blackcat.

This little town is more than beautiful! And it’s tiny, so it runs in my game, without any lag.

As you can see, it furthermore has everything one needs to play. All the community lots you need for having fun playing, beautiful landscapes and everything is so detailed and just adorable!

I am madly in love with it!!! You did such an amazing job, thanks tons and tons for sharing!

402! and your gift shall be...

so i’m going to give you 2 sims that i have already made: Tristin and one other (female) that i have not decided yet.

blackcatsims suggested i make sims with no sliders or CC. i don’t use sliders anyway, but i do feel that no CC will be a challenge. :O so i will be making one male and female CC-less sim. wish me luck. O_o

thanks for all your input and for following me! <3

Starting tomorrow there's going to be two diary entries posted per day.

They’ll go up at 8am and 4pm, Australian time, every day. I’ll give you a heads up when (or if) this changes. If the story becomes a big more exciting (eg. the entries start taking me longer for me to write) then I may have to go back to posting once a day…but hey, maybe I’ll be able to maintain it?! Who knows! Nose knows. We can hope…?

That’s all. Return to your awesome dash.


I love you!


blackcatsims said:

hey dude! Do you mind if I ask how you've been getting such wonderful clear screenshots from the ts4 demo? I'm not having much luck.

Sure you can!

I’m taking screenshots of my sims with a program called Fraps (which you can download here). I position my sims the way I want them to and I press on the icons of their traits so they’ll show me an animation and that’s the moment I choose to make screenshots of them.

Then I’m editing the screenshots in Photoshop and erase the arrows on the sims themselves (and the screen with their traits is seen on the screen also, which I have to delete as well). I do that by clicking on the Lasso Tool (press L) and then I just zoom in and circle the arrows or things I want to erase out of my screenshot, press ‘Delete’ and then I press ‘OK’ on the ‘Fill’ screen that comes up straight away. Make sure that ‘Use’ is ‘Content-Aware’. Then the area you encircled with the Lasso Tool should look like it’s part of the actual background. (I use Adobe Photoshop CS6).

I hope I’ve been a bit understandable (English is not my first language).