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Julia did not even have the chance to process what Terra and Alexa had been discussing I regards to Lorelei and the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor before she had Terra’s camera lens in her face. She had known Terra for years so Julia was used to it and most of Terra’s Terraisms. Due to this insight Julia could tell that she and Alexa were scheming, about what she wasn’t sure she even wanted to know.

Julia was in enough trouble right now and she was sure a Howler from her Aunt Molly was on it’s way to the school and would be waiting for her either tonight in the common room or tomorrow at breakfast. Frankly, she was happy her friends were more interested in the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor than why she had been looking like she had taken a nap in a fire place.

When Alexa took off in a state of hightened elation to go spy on Lorelei, with Terra on her heels Julia sighed, collected her books again and followed at a distance. She was curious about the professor so a quick look wouldn’t hurt. But she wasn’t going to invite more trouble by possibly getting caught though. If things went side ways she could leave and plot her revenge on Charlie and the Gryffindors on her own.

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Julia continued to walk along toward the entrance to the dungeons until she managed to pull one of her special moves, tripping over something that simply isn’t there. This usually happens in moments of haste and this was one of those moments. Julia found herself abruptly on the cold stone  leading up to the entrance to the castle. Her books had slid forward in her vain attempt to catch herself and her wand had skittered off to lord only knew where.

She laid there for a moment wondering how much worse the day could possibly get when a meow from in front of her got her attention. She looked up and there was Lancelot, Terra’s fluffy orange tabby and personal confidant, giving her a curious look. Well if Lance was out here then Terra was close at hand. That means the afternoons classes had let out. Julia scrambled up and collected her things as she desperately tried to ignore the snickers of the students near by. She got to her wand last, which was faintly spitting sparks in almost a near reflection of her mood.

Julia looked back to the cat, who had been watching her the entire time and she sighed. ” Okay Lancelot, where is Terra?”  Lancelot turned and trotted off across the court yard and back to his owner and to Julia’s surprise Alexa.  Julia followed the cat and deposited her books on the wall by them before turning her wand on her robes after a moment of calling herself an idiot under her breath. Charms were her specialty and she should have thought of using magic to mend her clothes and maybe her hair before now.  “Your cat thought I should come talk to you Terra.” Julia said between charms which thankfully were doing the trick.

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‘I am moving out of that house the minute summer begins I swear…’ Julia seethed as she stalked through the courtyard on her way to the dungeons to change her charred and still slightly smoking robes and ruined shoes as she clung to her lightly singed books since her book bag had been reduced to a smoldering pile if ash on the grounds of the school.

Her cousin Charlie Weasly and his prat Gryffindor friends had thought it would be funny to provoke the salamanders they had been examining during Care of Magical Creatures.

Thirty minutes of fire fighting later, half of the class had been sent to the hospital wing with burns and the other half looked like Julia did, most of their clothing burned and their book bags ruined.

And some how the miserable creatins got the whole mess blamed on Julia. She was dreading having to explain why twenty points had been taken from Slytherin and her detention to Lorelei, one of the house prefects, and possibly Professor Snape the head of Slytherin House.

Julia trudged through the courtyard, past her friends Alexa and Terra without noticing them since all she could think of was dealing with the mess and possibly getting the smell of smoke out of her hair.