26 Years. 26 Roles.

On February 25, 1989, my first seiyuu waifu was born. The woman with a cute, calm, conservative demeanour and has one of the cutest voices in anime. Happy Birthday Hanazawa Kana! More power to you (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤!


My Favourite Voice Actor: Sawashiro Miyuki 


(in order)

Suruga Kanbaru (神原駿河) Monogatari series

Seri Awashima (淡島 世理) K

Masami Iwasawa (岩沢まさみ) Angel Beats

Ayane Yano (矢野あやね) Kimi Ni Todoke

Dead Master (デッドマスター) Black Rock Shooter

Saeko Busujima (毒島冴子) Highschool Of The Dead

Kousuke Kira (吉良 康介) Btooom!

Hakaze Kusaribe (鎖部 葉風) Zetsuen No Tempest

Shion Karanomori (唐之杜 志恩) Pyscho Pass

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Name: ross

Nickname: rossy, small animal

Birthday: 7/19/95

Gender: cute guy

Height: 5’4”

Sexual orientation: medic (joking aside if you wanna get technical, panromantic homosexual but like, ace, or something? idk i prefer fictional characters over ppl i find almost no real people attractive)

Favourite color(s): pink bitchesss

Time and date at the moment: 5:15pm 3/21/15

Average amount of sleep: 4 hrs

Lucky numbers: 17

Last thing googled: “tf2 vpk sfm”

First word that comes to mind: rihanna 

One place which makes me happy: disney world

How many blankets do I sleep under: 1 (more than that makes me anxious)

Favourite subjects: psychology, english

Favourite fictional character(s): medic, nui harime, veigar, elise(LoL), sona(LoL), spy, engie 

Favourite books: maximum ride series i am a basic bitch, fahrenheit 451 

Favourite anime/manga: bakemonogatari, black rock shooter tv series, kill la kill, death note

Favourite TV show: law & order: svu, hannibal, dateline, family feud tho 

Favourite video game(s): tf2 duh, twewy, bioshock series, amnesia, call of cthulhu, pokemon sapphire

Last movie seen in cinema: shit i dont remember the name but it was an awful time travel movie with that overdone “video camera” effect

Dream holiday: disney world for a week and yes i said a week, with a different lolita coord for each day with an amazingly cute and fun guy oh also buy me everything while we’re there

Dream wedding: can i have a tf2 wedding

Dream job: advertisement designer, by contract

What you’re wearing now: self made tavros shirt, blue victorias secret sweats, crocker tier sweatshirt, probably victorias secret underwear

Last book read: UHHHHH

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