Hello My name is Geneviève and my darling friend Florence informed me of this tumblr blog and I was so thrilled and happy. There is finally a tumblr blog that combines Kpop and Black women in a positive way. Honestly I scrolled through your entire blog and it uplifted me. Thank you!!

So I decided to share my pleasant experience with Exo-K with you all. I am a french women and so is Florence. My mother works in Korea and we usually tag along with her.

I was with my mother (who is a white woman) at some building and they were there. I will pin point each member so my story can stay at an acceptable length.

When we walked in the building they were lightly chatting, when we came in it got mysteriously quiet and weird.

BAEKHYUN: He was rather loud and he didn’t know how to keep an inside voice. I was talking to Florence about Donuts and he looked a lot. He kept staring at our bums without any modesty.  From the looks of it he is a butt guy lol. He also seemed to be in shock to the fact that we were black like they really exist. His mouth was wide opened to. And it is true he has some nice manicured hands.

CHANYEOL: He just stared quite boldly with his legs wide opened exposing his. He whispered something to Kai but I couldn’t make it out. I think he said something about a video :/. He really looks like a grown man with a baby face. It is quite amusing.

KAI: He stared to but it was just our faces it was our entire bodies up and down and all around. He kept smiling and biting his thin little lips. I always thought Kai was sexy but he is very cute like a teddy bear.

SUHO: He is a truly awkward man. Every time I would catch him looking he would smile and bow. And I would give him the face Like suho I know you are looking. I swear he did it at least ten times. He seemed very sweet and observant. 

D.O: He was speaking to someone so I didn’t bother to look at see his reaction to us.

SEHUN: He is my bias and I thought he liked white ladies and not black girls THAT IS A VERY FALSE STATEMENT. From the way his looked at us he was very pleased lol. He kept staring. It was quite adorable. He would stop for about .2 seconds then continue.

My mother came out with a ton of papers and we left. Here is the thing I left my phone on the table on purpose so that I could turn around and get it. Sure enough all of them were staring at my curves lol. I got my phone and I smiled and them. Chanyeol gave the biggest smile , Suho was already smiling, Sehun gave a little smile and bowed, Baekhyun bowed and Kai gave me a very attractive grin.

So to all those beautiful black women out there who think that kpop idols don’t like black women that’s not true darlings. Most of them actually do. I’ve met ton of idols and have gotten very strong responses. Black women are queens and they know it. Wherever they are at, whoever they are with when they see you they will STARE!!

I will write about my “accidental run” into Exo-M later on :)

S/N: Hey! thank you so much for loving my blog and thanks a lot for sharing your fan account! <3