My art was definitely inspired by clandesteen‘s video on cultural appropriation. It honestly shocks me that there are people who can just ignore this. It isn’t just about Kylie Jenner and her lips though. The fact is, it’s becoming “trendy” for people–and yes, specifically WHITE people–to try to, well, be US. It sickens me honestly because they get to smear their white privilege all over it and get credit for it being something “fresh” or “new”. So, um hey white people? Please stop. Every person of color has had to face struggles due to them being nonwhite in a white-washed world, and this just adds to it. Hip hop, big lips, sneakers, grills, golden/darker skin, etc…it does not belong to you. Be well aware that when we originally came out with these expressions of identity, we were ridiculed and harassed for our lack of assimilation. If you plan on supporting black culture, make sure you also stay woke to black issues. We aren’t a look or a fashion statement to get you likes on Instagram. Don’t try to embrace the culture of black people without embracing black people. Period. It makes no sense to live in a society where we’re loved only for what we bring to the table. This right here is the new slavery tbh


Why I started ICONIC BLACK GLAMOUR. I’ve said this a while ago. When I posted this picture and that caption. I received a few harsh words and disagreements and I still stand with my caption but with a different perspective. Thanks to the comments on that post. I’ve come to realize that many black girls idolize Monroe as because she’s is idolize by the media. The same reason we all know Josephine baker and Dorothy Dandrige those women may not be idolize like Monroe but they still have a presence. Many black women we could look up to from the past the way Monroe is looked upon must brought to light by us. And I failed to realize that at the time of that post I know a lot of iconic black women because I researched them and read about them! I didn’t learn about them on tv nor school or magazine. I learned about them on my own. And that’s what I’m trying to do with ICONIC BLACK GLAMOUR. These women exist but they have to be brought to light by us, we can’t expect the media to bring them to light for us cause well they don’t care obviously. So to those I have offended when I made this post I apologize however I still stand by my caption but with an open mind this time.



How to acquire bae(s): A makeup tutorial

A satirical commentary on societal norms and standards of beauty.

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