Stand By Me (1986)

Sephora: Black Reward

Funny how days gone by and not even a single mail will be dropped in the office for me and then exactly by the time I’m on leave at work (sick leave for that matter), 2 mails are left sitting on my desk waiting to be cut open. For someone who doesn’t usually receive such, it came to me as a surprise because holy molly, who wouldn’t be all giddy when the sender was from fairy grandmother Sephora? It was unexpected! At the back of my mind I was thinking, why? Why did I receive a black card along with a gift coupon? Well hell yeah, I was too busy hauling I didn’t even noticed I reached 200 points for me to be upgraded to black. From white to black then gold. So far I doubt I’ll reach the latter but heck, I still can’t believe myself (coz black means more benefits, gifts & rewards). What I like about this card is it’s more personalized — my name is even printed on it yo! When I was about to claim my gift, I was given 3 choices, this Eye-Conic Set or the branded perfumes & nail set. It was hard for me to choose because I want to bag it all. I don’t know the scent of the perfume because it’s sealed, the nail set is generous in size but I don’t do my nails myself, so I thought I can make use of the Eye-Conic Set more than the rest. Did I regret my choice? Hmmm, I haven’t tried the products yet so it’s too soon to tell. Everything is still sealed and half of me wants to give it away — we’ll see.