Review for Lolita_KawaiiShoes store !! 

So few days ago i got the most amazing shoes of all time from one stunning shop ! There were few problems with the shipping but in general I’m more than happy to work with this shop >.< The owner is like the most generous and friendly person EVER and I’m sooooo glad i had a chance to work with them !!!  The shoes are called  Punk Simple Short Fiber Pantshoes  but simply called they are just creepers and they are only 53.99 $ ! Even thought I’ve found these shoes in lower price on ebay, the quality of these are wayyyyy better and by way i mean probably 99% better ! 

Looks : 5/5

As these were my dream shoes i LOVE how they look !!! You can see them from all the sides in my photos and i swear from every side they look perfect UwU Moreover, they kinda match with every outfit :3 I tried mixing vintage with alternative and maybe a little bit scene style and i find the looks amazing >.< I wish i could look this good (my opinion) every day :P And the point of the looks - shoes ! 

Comfort and quality : 5/5

My foot in European size is 40-41. All of the shoes i bought in asian sizes were too small and i was afraid that these shoes would be as well even though i picked size 42. At first, when i tried them they seemed a little bit too small but when i started taking photos for reviews and walked around with them for quite some time, they started seeing sooo comfortable ! And I’m so happy that they actually fit my feet ! They are quite light and really comfortable to walk in :P I feel a little bit taller as well >.<

The quality is probably the best i could ever find for these kind of shoes and it’s so amazing to actually wear high quality shoes ! On the other similar shoes i had the platform seemed  to break into the half when walking because they were kinda bad quality  and these feel like they would never even crack O.O <3

Shipping and communicating with the seller : 4/5

I would give 5/5  but the staff who send the shoes forgot to mark the package as a gift and the package got stuck in the custom …It was the  first time something like ta happened and it was really hard for me to talk with the custom staff as they couldn’t understand why i didn’t have any documents of Paypal money transfer and stuff like that …And i had to pay some euros to get th e package :x But! It’s okay because for the next items i pick i will get more $ to buy with and it’s really generous and understanding of the shop owner ^.^

The communication with the seller is way more than amazing ! The owner is soooo easy and good to speak with ! There’s mutual understanding and support as well ! I’m 100% sure that if you have any problems or just questions about items/shipping.anything , the staff and owner will gladly help you ! <3

Lolita_KawaiiShoes is definitely one of my favorite shops I’ve ever worked with <3 They have a large selection of cute and amazing , unique shoes, dresses, asian style clothes and much much more ! If you want amazing items and reasonable prices - this shop is 100% for you !

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Thanks for reading and see you in the next review ! <3