Last one with Erik for today.:D 
I am very pleased with that one. Erik lost/can’t use his right leg due to something that happened to him. (wont go into detail for now.) Still trying to decide if he lost it completely or if it just don”t respond to him. 

In either case I will have to read on the subject because I want the way he moves and place where he will go to be accurate. Like would he like to walk in field even if it demands probably more effort on uneven ground to walk with a prosthetic/braces?

Fic #2

(A/N): So I just realized that I didn’t even finish chapter 1 of this fic RIP, also I don’t have a title, but it’s a nerdy justin fic bc lbr who doesn’t fantasize about nerdy justin?? lol so enjoy what i have so far, i guess

It’s his first day at uni. He carries his bags across the huge, beautiful campus with his mother on his heels, worry written across her face. ‘RIDGECREEK UNIVERSITY’ was seen written cross the main campus building in big, blue letters. In the center of the campus, a friendly bear statue stood in place, representing the mascot, Eliie. Pausing so he could adjust his glasses, a huge smile spreads acoss his face. He felt like he belonged here; like he finally fit in.

“Such a beautiful campus, right, Justin?” his mom asks, worry now laced in her voice.

“Mom, relax, I’ll be fine here, promise.” Justin replies as they continue to walk across the campus.

All of a sudden, they hear a faint yell and rapid footsteps approaching closely behind. A gorgeous, dark-skinned girl dressed in athletic attire and a messy bun help up a small, flat object in her hand. She finally reaches them and catches her breath.

“Wow! You guys walk fast! You dropped your wallet and I’d be crushed to find out a cutie got his identity stolen! I’m Melanie and you are?”

‘Breath taken by your beauty’ Justin thought.

Suddenly ashamed by his thought, he bites down on his lip and looks down.

“I- I’m Justin. I’m n-new here…” He shyly states, looking back up to see Melanie’s eyes are still on him and a big smile is displayed on her face.

“Aw! Same here! I finished my 2 classes for the day, so now I’m just cooling it! Do you have morning or afternoon classes?” Melanie asks, curious as to why he would be late on the first day of college.

“Oh, I have morning classes. Technically my ‘first day of uni’ would start tomorrow. I just moved here from Canada so.. it’s a late start for me…” Justin admits with nervous laughter.

Justin was slightly confused by this interaction.  You all have seen movies! The new kid who’s deemed ‘nerdy’ doesn’t make friends right away, especially with an extremely gorgeous girl. Was this girl careless of her reputation? Would she suddenly run away once someone spots her speaking to him?! Who is this insanely beautiful girl and why is she interested in him?

But as he looks back up, he sees her radiant smile and beautiful eyes staring back at him.

“You’re freaking cute, Justin! Well, anyway, I’m sure you’re probably looking for your dorm, so I’ll let you continue your tour! Hope to see you around…” Melanie states, slowly walking away, making sure to put a little extra hip motion in her walk. 

Justin tried hard not to do it, but he definitely appreciated the way she walk, so he couldn’t help but stare. If his mom wasn’t looking at him with the biggest smile and hopeful, watchful eyes, he’d pursue Melanie, but he continued his tour with a big smile on his face, hoping he would also see her again.

(A/N): So I just finished it lmao improv like a mf’er, but feel free to like/reblog/comment, whatever to let me know how you feel!

In my opinion, Scarlett Johansson was already a total badass for being the only woman in The Avengers and for kicking serious ass on screen, BUT I just found out she was pregnant during the filming of Age of Ultron. She was literally carrying a child and was still able to keep up with all the guys, kick total ass, and rock her character, Black Widow. Talk about an incredible example for an independent female superhero icon; I adore her.

there are people who actively hate black characters and use the excuse “they don’t live up to the other characters” 

absolute bullshit

A brief glimpse at independent thought

Just one feminist’s opinion.Age of Ultron and Feminism -SPOILERS-

by TomPreston, 3 hours, 33 minutes ago

Did you miss these? Did you cry yourself to sleep every night knowing Dobbo won’t make another DA journal. Because I didn’t. 

Reviews of Age of Ultron have been going up and one consistent theme across many of them is the “problematic” nature of Black Widow’s character arc. The general consensus seems to be that Black Widow, the bad ass female hero on a team of men, was devalued by forcing her into a relationship and making her goals “let’s be a couple” and it’s all Joss Whedon’s fault.

As a feminist myself, I find a lot of this over simplification and anger at the movie to be kinda misguided.

Alright Tom, I want you to think very VERY hard right now. Is it possible that with these feminists having misguided opinions on movies that it, think Thomas, that they might also have a misguided opinion on video games. 

The only reason you’re disagreeing with them here is because you like shitty superhero movies more than you do video games. You had no problem acting like a retard over Quiet’s outfit because you have no interest in the Metal Gear solid series and you had no problem acting like an idiot over GamerGate because a lot of people on the GG side are also the kind of people who disagree with you on other things as well.

However now that there’s something you like being attacked by feminists suddenly feminists are wrong? If Anita herself were to say Age of Ultron was sexist would you still stand your ground? 

I haven’t been seeing my viewpoints talked about much at all, which is where this journal comes into play.

That’s because feminism has become an echo chamber and the views contrary to yours are the new holy truth in regard to this movie. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who agree with you that the Avengers movie isn’t sexist. However you probably blocked them all because they disagreed with you on what else might or might not be sexist. 

So here’s why, in my opinion, the subplot for Black Widow isn’t as bad as you may think.

Burn this man at the stake and cut his balls off for disagreeing with the holy feminist creed!

1. First off I want to address the growing complaints that Black Widow is somehow “weaker” for wanting to have a normal life. I think that’s a really problematic mindset to have in regards to feminism. You see, in our American society there are a lot of gender coded tropes and beliefs. Sometimes these gender codes are so ubiquitous we don’t even realize they’re there. Moviebob did a whole video called “Pink is not the problem” where he elaborates on this concept in greater detail, but the gist of it is “girly things aren’t evil.” 

Often when we look at bad-ass female characters they are exhibiting positive gender coded male traits. Strength. Bravery. Stoicism. Emotionless. On the flip side, a lot of villains are gender coded female. They’re emotional. Flowery. Exhibit feminine leanings (even in men). And it’s EVERYWHERE. Katness vs the people of The Capitol. James Bond vs Raoul Silva. Leonidas vs Xerxes. Batman vs the Joker. Etc.

How the fuck are the Joker or Xerxes feminine? The joker is emotional yes but it’s all in deranged humor because he’s insane. Nothing about his emotions are feminine to begin with. 

Xerxes too is emotional but it comes in the form of pride, arrogance, and wrath. He seems sturdy on the outside but it quickly led to mere rage when things don’t go his way. That if anything is far more of a negative male trait. 

But no no wait, emotions have to be feminine because…..feminists need some way to feel persecuted. 

So I think it’s dangerous to have people complaining that wanting a normal life, or even motherhood, is “reductive” or “bad.” Motherhood is not evil. You can still be a bad ass woman AND be a mother. Emotions do not make you weak. Wanting normality in your life is not bad. So if you’re criticizing Black Widow for that reason, maybe rethink how you’re phrasing it because it’s coming across as yet another example of how gender coded male tropes are GOOD and gender coded female tropes are BAD. Not very feminist in my opinion…

Just to play devils advocate here and to put on my fedora I’ve named after Anita Sarkeesian to become the ultimate turbo feminist…

Why was it Black Widow who had to exhibit these traits and not any of the other heros? Why not Bruce Banner who becomes an uncontrollable monster of rage? Wouldn’t he be more likely than anyone to want a normal life?

That was fun feminist fedoraing. With no context or having not even watched the film I complained about it. Truly I was all social media critics strived to be.


Oh and  hurrdurr not all feminists

2. The next bit I want to address is the awkward nature of Natasha and Bruce’s love. In fact, I think it’s SUPPOSE to be awkward. If you’ll notice, in nearly every single scene it’s Natasha who forces it on Bruce. I think at this point in the story Natasha is looking to right the wrongs of the past. She’s never let ANYONE get close to her her whole LIFE. She was designed, through the backstory we got, to be a trained killer and even not ALLOWED to have kids or settle down. I think anyone who’s trying to repair their life after so much trauma would, at some point, WANT to be close to someone and WANT to try and have a semblance of a normal life eventually.

The problem is that Natasha is committing the sin of not imagining others complexly. She sees Bruce struggling with his own fears and problems and she identifies with him. She thinks that because they’re both damaged that it’s ok and that maybe THAT is a foundation from which to start a relationship. (SPOILERS: it’s not!)

Throughout the whole film we see Natasha basically coming on to Bruce and even Bruce being taken aback and confused by this. He doesn’t look like he really wants it at all. Trust for BOTH OF THEM is difficult. And one of the things a relationship needs in a strong foundation in trust.

So I don’t see this whole Black Widow thing as being problematic in the ways a lot of other people are suggesting it is. I see it as another stepping stone in her continued character development…. which brings us to the last point…

I haven’t watched the movie so there’s not a lot I can say about this. 

3. One of the WEIRDEST things to me is how people seem to want Natasha to not grow… in a film franchise entirely ABOUT growing and evolving. Remember, this is not the first time we’ve met Black Widow. We’ve been following her character development through several films. And it seems to me a lot of people are ignoring this timeline of events when complaining about her in Age of Ultron.

Remember, the last time we saw her she just realized her entire life of trying to correct her mistakes as a Russian Assassin through joining SHIELD… was a lie. She was actually working for Hydra because “The Winter Soldier” happened. She spends the greater half of “Winter Soldier” going through a character arc of realizing the way she’s been living hasn’t been healthy. Extrapolate from that then: What’s the next logical path to her continued character growth? Most likely it would be trying to right her wrongs and find some semblance of normality to regain the things she’s lost as a person.

Sounds an awful lot like the Black Widow we got in Age of Ultron, if you ask me….

But people don’t seem to WANT her to grow. They’ve spent the past several movies DEMANDING she get more character and growth and to have her be less of a background character… to saying “no, we just want her to kick ass” in Age of Ultron. That’s… weird to me. I mean, she still DOES kick ass… but she’s just a more complex character now too. Is that wrong? Why is it ok for Iron Man to make mistakes based on his fear of failure and likely lingering PTSD, but wrong for Black Widow to also make mistakes based on her fears and failures? How does that make her LESS of a strong character?

If Tom was capable of higher thinking, this is the point where he’d start to critically examine the side he’s on in all of this feminist bullshit. 

Feminists don’t want her to grow because it would imply she’s flawed and they are under the impression that if a female character has a flaw it’s automatically sexist. If a female character can do wrong it’s sexist. They’re so insecure about how women look in movies that they find the need to make it so there’s no chance of defeat or sorrow or tragedy.

Do you think Black Widow might be somewhat emotional about her past? Sure, but if she shows that emotion she’s automatically exhibiting sexist feminine traits and whatnot. This isn’t the kind of crap that I believe but the people on your side preach it like gospel.  

4. I’m not gonna say that Black Widow’s character was handled perfectly in Age of Ultron. That’s up to you to decide. I would, however, like to have people take a step back and look at these movies on a wider scope and realize that the Black Widow in Age of Ultron ISN’T the same as the Black Widow in The Avengers because character development has happened to her through OTHER films (most notably Winter Solider). Pretty much EVERYTHING about Age of Ultron was setting up character development for stuff coming down the road and growing the universe and plots and developing naturally the way stories SHOULD develop naturally… and it just feels odd to me that people DON’T want Black Widow to do so too.

Again, if you had any cognitive abilities. 

Just one feminist’s opinion.

It’s unlikely that after this the next time someone points out he’s wrong for declaring a character to be sexist and gives reasons that he might think critically about what that person says. 

While it’s nice that Dobson isn’t a complete idiot with every single issue, it’s going to be all the more annoying if he ever bitches about Quiet’s outfit or some other thing in video games using the exact same mindset and logic that he’s going up against in this journal. 

Ughhhhggg I SAID I wouldn’t buy MH dolls as anything but bases but I was just feeling so patriotic due to Cinco de Mayo coming up soon. I hated this character when she first came out because I felt like “Greaaaat. More Day of the Dead merch for the Rockabillys and kinder goths to rip off.” But actually MH’s representation is on point and it’s great how many coded Latinx & Black characters they have. I’ve been wanting River Styx and Honey Swamp for sometime so I think I’ll get them and maybe the other Eskelita dolls & figure…nggh, I seriously hope this doesn’t become a thing for me. I kinda wanted the Alice in wonderland EAH Characters but Kitty doesn’t look half as cute as she does in the series still her Spring Unsprung doll is so cute I might just ooak her a better body get the White Rabbit briefly consider Maddie and quit while I’m ahead. I honestly am over my head with my Disney collection already and I really want to tread obitsu, jfashion dolls like momoko and eventually BJD territory!! My doll hobby is getting way too many subcategories-my money needs more even distribution.

kitsukyrockbell asked:

003 | Death the Kidd

003 | Give me a character & I will tell you

  • How I feel about this character: KID IS TOO GOOD? he’s my second favorite soul eater character and i relate to him a LOT tbh. i also love that he’s got ocd bc i love seeing mentally ill characters god bless? kid is such a cute dork who manages to be really badass at the same time somehow and he’s great
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: black☆star and that’s it lmfao
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: him liz and patty are gonna be best friends forever
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: kid is Not Human he is a member of a species that reproduces asexually why would he have any kind of genitalia or sex drive ?? @ se fandom answerthis
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I WANTED HIM AND BLACK☆STAR TO BE ENDGAME VILLAINS i’ve talked about this before but i don’t think anyone understands how dead fucking serious i am about it honestly everything about salvage arc seemed like a perfect setup to those two becoming antagonists IMMMMMMMM!!! THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO GOOD
  • My OTP: deathstar is my otp to rule all otps
  • My OT3: none

“I find it funny how you guys want representation so badly but than whine about it not being good enough.”

wow i’m sorry that black people want black characters to be treated with the same respect as white characters wow im very sorry 

yall marvel fans literally only care about black characters when they are:
  • sexualized by yourselves/white faves
  • made into a punchline
  • watered down to one catchphrase from their entire appearance in Marvel media (ex: “Man, shut the hell up!”)
  • being white as possible

Black Widow had NO character in AoU except “I love Bruce” and “I can’t have kids so I’m just like Bruce” and every character made a wise crack at some point to the stage I wanted to spray Joss Whedon with a bottle whenever it happened and like, the whole time, every witty line every shitty CGI scene I could feel that bastard hunched in the corner stroking his cock at the masterpiece he thinks he’s made. Also why did Cap’s shield magnet not work when he lost it on the road why did BW have to grab it for him, why were Vision and the slavs added in at the last minute and why was I supposed to fucking care when you know who died