anonymous said:

Black people can do no wrong according to you.

So, at first I was going to delete this little bit of anti-Black asininity like I did with the other message that I got. But now, I’m not going to.

I was going to tell you to go away, Anon. I was going to post this gif


and leave you to your sad little self.

But instead, Anon, I have decided to tell you about yourself.

 You are nothing to me. 

I understand that this may come as a bit of a shock. You live in a disillusioned little world where Black women are supposed to look to literally anyone but themselves to find attributes of worth: beauty, intelligence, perseverance, strength, power. I don’t do that. You had the expectation that I would reflect mightily on your words and change my behavior because of your (unwanted, irrelevant, and unnecessary) input.

Let me make this clear.

I have taken shits that are more relevant to my life than you will ever be. 

 You are an insecure anti-Black fart of nothingness. 

The thing is, my blog isn’t very revolutionary. I blog about my feelings, my experiences. I reblog cat gifs. I talk about people I love. I post pictures of people I find beautiful. And I rep and defend my community. My communities.  

So what you did is you happened upon my blog and saw my love and my embrace and my defense of one of these communities of mine, the Black community, and it threw you the fuck off.

I defend my community from structural violences like anti-Black racism.

So what you are saying, in this delightful message, is that this consistent defence is unwarranted. That anti-Black racism is in fact, at times, “deserved” by us “bad” Blacks.

"Black people can do no wrong according to you"= some of them niggers deserve what they get.

And you may kiss my Black ass with that sentiment. 

Ta ta,

Ms Mix