black voile

Back in Belgium, at 17 yrs old my white teacher told me that I’ll never be nothing in front of 24 amused fellow white girls students… Now she’s probably dead or in a care home while I’m lining up business trips to places like London, New York, Bamako, Pretoria & Kigali… Now I’m in Paris business trippin’ et voilà!

Black excellence.
—  The I

dreammuses asked:

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Oh thank you you’re so cute :*

-I can’t live without music

-That why I’m always singing (even if not a really good singer)

-I’m really messy

-I love Bastille their song are amazing

-I have long hair

-I prefer converse and bensimon to hight-heels shoes

-I would love to play the guitar 

-I love reading

-I crazy about candles, it smells soo good

-I prefer black chocolate


My first attempt at writing about this fandom … give it a try :) 

“"Today was the first day of snow, and yet, this year was different. She wore a black grown, her face subtly hidden behind a black lace voile." short Drabble centered on Queen Catherine while her first Winter after King Henry’s death."

Since Cruella and Livia are both vampires now, I redecorated their shared bedroom with purple cobweb curtains and dungeon stone walls and wrought-iron candlestick lighting

and then I got bored so I just painted all surfaces that weren’t black already black