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Black Hermione Headcanons

During her third year when she takes Muggle Studies, she suggests Professor Burbage use a book she bought from the muggle book store about slavery and the anti-black racism in the class. Professor Burbage is fascinated and they both have discussions about it often. Hermione is heart broken about her murder some years later.

Her time in Muggle Studies and her discussions with Professor Burbage about racism fueled her outrage of the enslavement of house elves, explaining why she took S.P.E.W. so seriously during her fourth year.

Hermione never really knew how to take care of her big cloud of hair during her first years at school, but she decided to change up her hair style for the Yule Ball in her fourth year. [She wore fake locs in an updo] and during her research she realized all the hair care she had been missing, and soon becomes a pro at twist outs, knot outs, and protective styles.

She became a natural at styling her hair using magic, and even concocts hair serums in her cauldron. She starts selling her oils and conditioners to other natural girls at Hogwarts.

Ron is fascinated with her new hair regimen and often asks her questions about why or what she’s doing. Hermione gladly explains it all to him, eager to share her newly found knowledge.

She lives in a very racist neighborhood, so not only does she deal with people snarling m**bl**d under their breath in the wizarding world, but also people calling her a n***er in the muggle world.



“Know What I Want” directed by Chris Black.