Bee Keeper's Quilt Monthly Update: 7 (July)

Bee Keeper’s Quilt Monthly Update: 7 (July)

Last month”s total: 64
This months hexipuffs: 4
This month’s total: 68

Apologies for the late post on the hexipuffs, I may have mentioned in other posts that I’ve moved house and I’m still without internet. Hopefully it will be sorted by the end of the week, but for now I’m stuck in cafes.

On the hexipuff front, I’m on my way to the puff-centenary. 68 little puffs now occupy a hammock in my…

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Bee Keeper's Quilt Monthly Progress Update: 4

Bee Keeper’s Quilt Monthly Progress Update: 4

Last Month’s Total: 47
This Month’s Total: 53

April was an okay month in terms of hexipuffing. I’m quite happy to get anything between 5-10 a month, I don’t feel like that’s too few or that I will have “wasted” all my knitting time doing them.

Hexipuff roll call

I still have far too many of the horrible khaki green, hopefully they even out eventually.
Notable figures from this month include :

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Bee Keeper's Quilt Monthly Progress Update: 2

Bee Keeper’s Quilt Monthly Progress Update: 2

Another day another hexipuff, or at least that’s how my second month of hexipuffing worked out for me.

I had intended to post this on the first of every month, but I was sick yesterday and hadn’t the energy to get up and arrange hexipuffs and take photos and upload them and talk about my month.

My hexipuff headcount totals in at 44 this month.
Month 1: 16, which means we’re up 28 hexipuffs!…

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