The Abyss - Mice Templar PinUp by SpookyChan

Pinup for Mice Templar #14.
Media- Photoshop

So most of you probably don’t know i’ve been doing coloring on the alt. covers of Mice Templar. I’m always weird about showing off my color work when it’s not my lines. (I’m weird like that. victorsantoscomics does some amazing lines too!) Anyways, bjlg (writer of Mice Templar, and good friend) asked me to do a pinup inspired by the concept of “The Abyss” (not to be confused with the movie… :P ) He gave me the low down of what was going on in the story, and I wasn’t supposed to illustrate that, but it just kind of happened. I actually started off making featureless abstract figures struggling with power, pain, and becoming what they are not… then it turned into Karic and the ant.

Regardless, this was one of the fun pin-ups I got to play with at the time. Probably the best kind of work I can do is the expressive, abstract, crazy, weird, non-rigid work. If i can do something monstery I’m gold. At the time I also got to do a pin-up for Artful Daggers (to be seen…???)— which had similar expressive lines, insane darkness, and a crazy 3 color scheme. I live for this kind of work. HIRE ME TO DO THIS. hahaha!

Mice Templar issue 14 (Volume IV) is on sale now! And remember I did coloring on the “B” cover (not pictured in the link.) So if you want a double dose of me…! Also, more importantly, check out Mice Templar! Lots to catch up on! <3



We’re finally back from our massive trip out to Atlanta for Dragon*Con and Baltimore for Baltimore Comic Con. It was super fun, but crazy exhausting. So luckily we were able to visit in-between the cons with two of our favorite people while we were there - Bryan and Judy Glass.

…and while there we were able to talk Bryan (Co-creator of Mice Templar, writer of many Marvel books, and several awesome projects in the works that we can’t talk about just yet) to make a Tumblr blog! Check it out, BJLG on Tumblr!

So in honor of our amazing friend and mentor Bryan getting a tumblr, we have decided to put up some artwork that we’ve done for his book (and one of our favorite reads ever) Mice Templar. Which yes, is just as freaking EPIC as it sounds.

The first image is one Adam did for the first hardcover trade collection of Mice Templar. The second is a marker sketch of Karic and Aquila we did in the back of one of our sketchbooks. And the third is an image of Cassius (a BAMF if there ever was one) that Adam did at Mid-Ohio 2009.

Girl.. Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.🍂 สายรหัส72 พี่คนนี้รักน้องเสมอ เราจะคิดถึงเธอนะ ดูแลตัวเองดีๆ ตั้งใจเรียนนะ ขอให้ติดหมอตามใจหวัง มีแต่คนรัก. พี่อาจจะไม่ใช่พี่รหัสที่ดีเหมือนสายอื่น ไม่มีของเทคบ่อย ไม่มีหนังสือเทค ไม่มีชีทเทค ไม่มีโทรเทค และถึงกิฟท์จะไม่ใช่BJLGแท้ๆ แต่พี่ก็รักกิฟท์เหมือนที่พี่ลูกหนูรักพี่นุ๊กรักพี่เม เหมือนที่พี่เมรักพี่ โชคดีนะน้องสาว มีอะไรบอกพี่ได้ตลอดเลยนะ จำไว้ว่ามีพี่คนนี้มีพี่ย่าเมเสมอ ถึงพี่ไม่ได้อยู่เบญฯแล้ว แต่สาย72มันต้องไม่หายไปไหน เรารักกันทุกวัน #พี่น้องเจ็ดสอง. ❤#BJLG @giftterrs @memae1993 (at Last Farewell. 🍂)

Review: The Mice Templar #14

Review: The Mice Templar #14 via reviewer @EnterTheHero — @BJLG @polarcomic @ImageComics

Last month I caught up on the entire story arc that’s currently running in Mice Templar’s fourth volume and it was pretty damn good. It was so good that I scored the entire arc as a 5 out of 5. It did make me wonder how this issue would stack up and if I would even have anything new to say about the series after jamming through so many issues. Well there’s plenty to say, but I’ll start by saying…

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February PREVIEWS Catalog for an April 3 release!

Long ago, the valiant Templar destroyed themselves through a vicious civil war, allowing the bloodthirsty crusade of the tyrant king Icarus to destroy mouse culture. Yet the inspiring tale of the young mouse Karic promises to restore the fractured Templar and overthrow the mad king. But while some accept Karic as a prophecy for good, still others see his rising legend as an omen of evil. 

Thus begins the climactic chapter in the epic saga of hope and despair, of tragedy and triumph, and where every secret will at last be revealed.

Written by Bryan J.L. Glass
Featuring art by Mike Oeming and Victor Santos
Colors by Veronica Gandini, Chandra Free and Serena Guerra
Letters by James Glass
Cover A by Oeming — Cover B by Santos and Gandini
Created by Oeming & Glass