I was watching this with my son tonight and he’s calling out all the steps that the white belt needs to do to win. In his mind, his BJJ has gotten really good. So neat to see him now be passionate about this sport.  It will be exciting to see his body do the things is mind knows can be done.

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Here’s the deal motivation lights your fire but you have to keep fanning it, the fan is called discipline. So when you’re excited about something you make a decisive decision ‘that’s it i’m motivated’. Good, what you gonna do? you make your decision and then you just keep doing it whether you feel like it or not. Motivation is going to go away. Feels aren’t eternal, they come to prompt you but discipline keeps you going.
—  Elliot Hulse


Beautiful Hip Toss Transition from a defended single leg attempt

Wow! UFC Althelte Conor McGregor coming out for marriage equality is a pretty big step, between that and having an openly LGBTQ athlete compete for one of their titles, You’d be hard pressed to say that the UFC isn’t a pretty progressive and LGBTQ friendly organization.

I know that a lot of the combat sports get a bad wrap for being a part of “meat head” culture, but some the most accepting and friendly people I’ve met have come from the martial arts community.

My Training Library
  1. Underground BODYOPUS by Daniel Duchaine
  2. Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee
  3. The Art of Expressing the Human Body by Bruce Lee and John Little
  4. Fighter’s Fact Book by Loren W. Christensen
  5. The Fighter’s Body by Loren W. Christensen and Wim Demeere
  6. Kung Fu Elements by Shou-Yu Liang
  7. Ultimate Fighting Techniques Volume 1: The Top Game by Royce Gracie
  8. NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
  9. ACE Personal Trainer Manual, 4th Edition
  10. Jiu-jitsu University by Saulo Ribeiro
  11. Complete Triathlon Book by Matt Fitzgerald
  12. Running Tough by Michael Sandrock
  13. Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey
  14. Combat Abs by Matt Furey
  15. The Centurion Method (Idk if it’s even in print anymore)
  16. Special Ops Fitness Training by Mark DeLisle
  17. The Unfettered Mind by Takuan Soho
  18. The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi
  19. Zen and Swordsmanship from the Yamaoka Tesshu Archives
  20. Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima

This is every training resource that is on my shelf currently. I’ve got a few things loaned out and a few things I sold at some point. I did find out that my “Zen and Swordsmanship” book is worth about $300, though.  That’s pretty crazy since I bought it for 6 bucks. Cool to find out that I have a rare book. 

martial arts

hey folks no matter what the style rank or how many years lets keep that positive energy up . I love all the support we give each other and the respect that is shown all of you martial artist rock I hope you had a killer monday and as always good luck on your training

Holy fucking shit. I just trained at the Renzo Gracie Affiliate in Philadelphia. Those guys are fucking amazing. I might even be going with them to New York at some point to train with Renzo and crew. This pretty much makes up for the shit news from earlier.