I’ve had athletes or clients trying to lose weight or something, they show me the diet log, everything’s just right and I keep asking them what about the sleep? and they’re like five hours. And I’m like that’s the one variable that’s keeping you from everything. And my mom actually works with sleep a little bit and the sleep apnea stuff . A lot of the time they get the sleep apnea machine and the patient will get high quality sleep for the first time and the weight starts dropping off of them cause they haven’t had high quality sleep in forever. They don’t even change the diet, they change the sleep and all of a sudden they start getting leaner.
—  Mike Bledsoe (Barbell Shrugged)

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Want to be like batman? You need to know grappling Armbars are a great self defense tool. They need an arm to punch your face. 

Ude-Hishigi-Juji-Gatame (腕挫十字固?) is one of the official 29 grappling techniques of Kodokan Judo. It is one of the nine joint techniques of the Kansetsu-waza list. Ude-Hishigi-juji-gatame translates roughly to “back lying perpendicular armbar” but a lot of people just call it juji-gatame or just refer to it nonspecifically as an armbar.

Some key points to the move is to:

  • squeeze your knees, 
  • maintain wrist control

If your opponent  keeps gripping his clothes or his other arm to keep you from extending you can go for a figure-four/biciep slicer to make them release their arm or you can  use other methods but the slicer or “peeling” their fingers is are my go too. 


I don’t remember how I came across one of Jack Slack’s video’s on YouTube but I’ve been a fan ever since. His amazingly detailed break downs of fights and fighters have been super helpful and inspiring for me.

Once Jack started writing for Vice’s “Fightland” I knew it was a matter of time until he was given a chance at having his own show and it looks like the time has come. I’m assuming from the title, the show maybe a live play by play breakdown as the fight goes on. Like a instructional version of Joe Rogan’s “Fight Companion Podcast.”

Ignorance of the skill and technique in fighting is one of the main problems in getting the sport to the masses, a lot of people still see it as it was in the early 90’s and it simply isn’t that freak show of violence it once was. I can’t wait to watch the show, congratulations Jack! 



Brad showing his favorite takedown. Its pretty sneaky. 

Thanks centerlinemartialarts for letting us toss you around repeatedly to get some good videos.

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If you are working hard but feel you are not improving at all it’s simply not true. You’re just doing the work necessary for your next break through, the next ‘ah, ha!’ moment where all that effort clicks into place functionally and easily. The longer you’ve been doing something the longer these ‘plateaus’ can seem to last. It’s simply a learning curve declining in its steepness now and then. It is not YOU declining.
The point is: don’t stop learning. Don’t quit because you feel you’re not advancing well or fast enough. Stop because you’re utterly uninterested anymore and receive no benefits from it not because of a perceived stagnation or wall. There are always more mountaintops with beautiful views of accomplishment just over the wall.
—  Something My Jiu jitsu Instructor Said