A rematch of UFC 55 is coming to Metamoris.

The bad guy is set to make that walk for Metamoris one more time. This time it’s against Babalu. I’m not sure what to expect really. Haven’t seen Babalu compete in forever in grappling and the last two times I saw him fight he looked pretty terrible and got KTFO. Plus he has a fight coming up in April, 4 weeks before this one.


Kron Gracie vs. Otavio Sousa ADCC 2013.

You can actually hear Rickson make those chicken sounds at 9:14 hahaha


#RaZorRob McCullough teaching new lesson plans to the coaches today and tomorrow at #UFCGymGreenValley #UFC #UFCGym #UFCFIT #mma #bjj (at UFC Gym Green Valley)


These pictures are two of my favorites from last years NY Open for many reasons. 

This was one of the later black belt absolute matches between Gianni Grippo and my good friend and coach Steve Barnett.

They had both already gone against each other in their weight class, and are friends and training partners as well. 

I love the look on Steve’s face, the tape on Gianni’s fingers…

Steve is one of my closest friends and I remember the feeling of excitement and nerves coming over me as I sat just inches from the mat ready to photograph.

Truth be told, I didn’t even get too many great photos of the actual match because I was so caught up in watching.

NY Open

I’ve decided that with the NY Open coming up again soon I’m gonna post and share some of my favorite photos from last year.

This year I’ll be photographing and competing (Adult female blue belt feather)

I seriously love the jiujitsu community on tumblr. You guys are the best.

I hope you guys enjoy the photos, and even more so I hope to run into you all sometime or another.

If you’ll be at the open next month and see me be sure to say hi


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This ended up being a way longer post than intended… love you all, bye!