I’m in my room reading when my mom comes in. She start looking in my doll cabinet and asking questions about this or that. She asks me each of my doll’s names and I tell her, and the meaning behind each name. She was interested in the different sizes and tried to guess which came from the same company. We chat for a while and then she starts to leave. Outside the doorway I hear her say, “it’s a beautiful world you’re created. I’m so happy for you.” I wish everyone could treat dolls like this. My mom doesn’t own or even like dolls, she’s just a wonderful person. She’s my roll model for how I treat everyone I meet. After she left my room I cried. 



Some quick ones of Reimi in her new wig! I’m so glad this color and style suits her. <3 I was chasing the light in these so I’ll have to take more of her later, along with the other stuff that has pilled up from last weekend.

All I need is one doll. If you have one doll you will treasure it more. One doll is so much more special then having several. I’ll never be one of those crazy people with a room full of dolls. Maybe five dolls would be okay so I can have more charters and interactions. I’ll never have more then ten dolls. I have a lot of dolls but I’ll never be a crazy hoarder and spend all that money to have more than I need… *looks around the room at 20+ dolls* WHATHAVEIBECOME WHENDIDTHISHAPPEN



Introducing Sakura!

She’s in a temp faceup because I may still paint her grey to look like the stone Komainu that she is, but isn’t she just CAYOOT??? LOOK AT THOSE PUFFY CHEEKS!

I’m still playing around with eyes, but those are her two wigs. I’m so glad she finally made it here you guys T_T

She’s borrowing poor Chikara’s body.


Chimera has been spoiled recently and this is probably my favoirte new piece. I can’t wait to get her some jeans/leggings next so I can take some full body shots of her posing! I’ve been building her wardrob up slowly and it’s fun seeing it come together with each new piece. :D


배송은 저번주에 됐는데 메컵갔다오느라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

너무 이쁨…귀여워..터끼찡…ㅠㅠ..

안구 14mm끼면 더 이쁠것같은데.. 14mm는 뜬다고함..

근데 지금 끼고 있는거 12mm인데도 뜨는느낌;;

그래도 이쁘니 봐준다 핳ㅎ하하하핳ㅎ핳1!!! 헤드랑 바디랑 연결하다가 빡쳐서 뒤지는줄 알았음 ㅠㅠ 그래도 어케저케 했다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Meet my second and newest bjd, Calisto. She’s a luts kdf Elf Yul. I just recently bought her some new antlers and a faun tail from Sparrow’s Shop. I also have a MNF Sarang Event 2014 bow and quiver on the way :flails: Now if only my Mako eyes would get here soon. I hope to get some new photos of her at the park before everything around here turns brown.

Note: She literally has no clothes, lol. I am still working on making her something so I had to totally throw random scraps of fabric on her so I could take half-way decent photos. Whoops. 

Callisto, the cursed faun. Warden of the tainted forest. An ancient evil threatens to dissolve her homeland, spreading ichor and blight throughout the woodlands. Her blood and power are the key to undoing the curse set about by 'The Ash' - dreaded necromancers who wield forbidden magicks to hunt without mercy.