bjartur [pjartʏr̥ / byuhr-toor]  adj. bright

m nom sg: bjartur, f nom sg: björt, n nom sg: bjart

m nom pl: bjartir, f nom pl: bjartar, n nom pl: björt

Full declension of bjartur.


Bjartur can also be used to mean clear… as in clarity, not transparency. Another word that can be used is skær. Bjartur and bright are obviously cognates.

Photo by Örtur Atli Þorgeirsson.

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Tomorrow Mats and I are going on a PR-trip to Iceland.

The Circle has just been released in Icelandic. It’s called Hringurinn

I guess I don’t have to explain how awesome this is.

Almost as awesome as this Sigur Rós-video. No not really. The video is too awesome for comparison. Watch it, you won’t regret it. 

Bryan Adams to participate in Gay Pride Parade in Iceland tomorrow

IcelandReviewBryan Adams to participate in Gay Pride Parade in Iceland tomorrowNews of IcelandWorld famous musician and photographer Bryan Adams is not unlikely to attend the 2014 Gay Pride Parade in Reykjavík, Iceland tomorrow, according to Guðbjartur Finnbjörnsson, the event manager for Adams’ concerts in Iceland. The artist is a world known …