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Let me start off by saying I’m not crazy, or at least I don’t think I am. I suppose I’ll leave it up to the reader. I couldn’t tell you if I’m dealing with a ghost, a demon, or something else beyond my grasp. Any light you could shed on the subject would be great.

My story starts out innocently enough. Two months ago I was in WalMart, when I saw a life size doll that looked just like my daughter, Abbie. Again, WalMart. Not at an estate sale, not in an abandoned building, and not even some creepy, one off clearance item without a box or price tag. There were dozens of them; I’ll even add the link to the doll at the end if I remember. Anyway, I texted my wife a picture of the doll, and she admitted they looked similar, so I bought it on a whim.

When I first showed Abbie the doll, I asked her who it looked like. “It’s Baby Shrek!” She squealed, clearly not on the same page as me. “Don’t you think it looks just like you? It could be your twin sister!” I asked feeling foolish, hoping to convince her to side with me. “Twin sister, twin sister” she yells, grabbing the doll and dancing around the room. Mission accomplished!

I take Abbie out for ice cream, and ask if she wants to bring her sister along. “Yes daddy! What’s my sister’s name?” I’m not very quick witted, so I’m surprised when I instantly blurt out: “Tabitha”. “Tabby!” she says with delight. She’s smart for a 3 year old, but struggles with bigger words. Actually, Abbie and Tabby would be perfect names for twins; twin names always have that corny and awkward ring to them, like my twin friends Donnie and Danny.

A couple days later, Abbie and Tabby were inseparable. Abbie has never had an imaginary friend, so I was surprised to see her get so attached to Tabitha. We live in a small town and so far the only neighborhood kid even close to her age is 7 and he’s a brat, so I’m happy to see her bonding with someone until she starts preschool. I start to play along and begin to share my daughter’s enthusiasm for Tabby, talking and playing with her just like I would my actual daughter.

My wife tells me she needs to take Abbie to finish her immunizations. She knows I won’t go because she’s stronger than me. I can’t bear to see my baby girl cry when they poke her with a needle. I load Abbie in the car seat, and kiss her forehead. “Sit here sweetie while I go get Tabby!”
“Tabby doesn’t need her shots daddy, she’s a doll.”

Surprised at her change in perception about her sister, I ask: “Don’t you want her to keep you company?” “No, daddy, you take care of her while I go to the doctor.”

The car pulls away and I wave goodbye and blow kisses as I always do. As soon as they’re around the corner, I sprint up to the attic. I have a mini fridge up there to keep my beer out of Abbie’s hands. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a cold beer to myself, and with a couple hours to spare, I might as well take some ‘me time’. I crack one open and bring the rest of the six pack downstairs. I haven’t seen adult TV shows in so long I’ve forgotten how to swear effectively. Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on, and I’m in the zone.

I’m only a few minutes in, when I feel the stare. There’s Tabitha on the other end of the couch looking right at me. As a rational man I try to shrug it off and laugh. I taunt her with: “Eat shit, you porcelain bitch!” The show is rubbing off on me already, and I can’t stop giggling. Time for a pee break. My bathroom is on the other side of the room, so I freeze when I emerge to Tabitha once again looking directly into my eyes. Spooked, I move all around my living room trying to escape her icy lifeless stare. This doll is like the fucking Mona Lisa, and I’m not about to let it ruin my daddy time. I man up and toss it into Abbie’s room. Although still weirded out, I enjoy a few more episodes of Always Sunny, and polish off the beers. It’ll take a lot more than a creepy doll to keep me from enjoying these precious few moments alone.

Two days later I had entirely forgotten the whole thing. Abbie, Tabby, and I were back to our usual selves playing tea party, writing postcards to grandma, and living the American dream. We plan a picnic together and head out to the backyard to feast. Abbie and Tabby nibble on their snacks while I lay back in the hammock. I hear whispering and look over to see what they’re up to. The first thing I see are those fucking doll eyes. Her head is twisted around behind her and she’s looking directly at me, while Abigail is sitting on the opposite side of her. “What did you do to Tabby’s neck, sweetie?”, I stammer. My daughter looks at me with that same cold stare. “She’s looking at you because she doesn’t like you daddy”.

It gets worse. It gets so much worse. 3 weeks go by and that doll always seems to be somewhere she shouldn’t be. Every time I wake up, Tabitha’s eyes are the first thing I see. No matter who is in the room, her eyes are always focused on me. I’m not about to admit to anyone what is going on, so after 2 sleepless nights I’m relieved to have to go out of town on a work trip. I hit New Orleans and call my wife from my room’s phone to let her know I made it there safely. I’m halfway through telling her goodnight as I’m sleepily opening my luggage for my pajamas. I scream when I see Tabby glaring at me. My wife is laughing as the people next door pound on the wall to get me quiet down.

I don’t have a chance to compose myself when I hear my daughter in the background begging for the phone. “Daddy, did you find Tabby? I sent her with you so you guys could learn to be friends. I miss her so much, please take good care of her.” My instincts are to chuck the fucking thing right then and there, but I’m a grown ass man and my daughter deserves better. I take the doll down to the parking lot and shove her into the trunk. I get back up to my room and can scarcely sleep. I finally pass out about 6 AM and wake up with a start, one hour later. I open my eyes, expecting to see the doll in bed next to me, but I’m alone. After a miserable continental breakfast I pop the trunk and there she is. I’m shocked that she stayed put, but after a month of torture and a few sleepless nights, I’m at my wits end. I decide to just buy my daughter a new toy. Hell, I’ll buy her a dozen new toys to get rid of this thing.

There’s a dumpster at the other end of the lot and I take great joy in marching over there to end this nightmare. I open the lid and just as I’m about to drop her, I get that same feeling I got when I first saw the doll. This looks just like my daughter, I can’t do this.

I somehow finish my meetings in Louisiana and decide to just tough it out and drive back home tonight. I was a psychological wreck, and needed my wife and my daughter. I put Tabby in the front seat, and talk to her the whole drive home. I think I see her turn her head to me out of the corner of my eye, but I choose to ignore it this time.

Somehow I make it back in one piece; my daughter gives me a kiss and yanks Tabitha out of my arms. “Tabby I missed you so much”. I was happy to see my daughter smile and dance around the room with Tabby; they really do look so much alike! As Abbie carries her twin sister down the hall into her room for bed, the doll’s head twists around and glares daggers right through me. “I can’t believe I fell for that”, I think to myself. ”She conned her way out of the dumpster this morning, but this ends tomorrow. “

So here we are, today is the day. I haven’t slept a wink last night, and my wife is taking my daughter to her sister’s house for brunch. My two little girls sit hand in hand on the couch and I scoop Abigail up and carry her to the driveway. My wife rushes past and sits in the front seat. “Sorry you’re not feeling well” she says. “We’ll see you in a few hours”. I hurriedly buckle Abbie into her car seat and tell her that Tabby and I will be here when she gets back. I shut the door before she can protest, and I excitedly wave goodbye and blow kisses. I sprint back to the house as soon as they turn the corner.

I probably took a little too much pleasure in disposing of that evil fucking doll. Even though she never actually hurt me, I knew what she was capable of, and I had to strike first. The first thing I did was pop those ghastly little eyes out. “No more ghoulish stares from you.” I ripped all of her hair out, shredded her clothes and swung her into the coffee table by her feet. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. It only took 15 minutes to finish Tabby off. I put her in my neighbor’s garbage can so my wife and daughter wouldn’t stumble across her.

I come around the corner and am surprised to see my wife pulling into the driveway, she must have forgotten something. She angrily rolls down her window and yells, “What is wrong with you? Get this doll out of the car seat, and go get Abigail!” I look down to my blood soaked hands and wish I had never bought that cursed doll.

A Mother Gave Birth On A Tree To Avoid Crocodiles

Carolina Chirindza from Mozambique was 9 months pregnant when her native town of Chibure experienced widespread flooding. As a result the whole area was turned into a crocodile infested lake. There was nothing else for Chirindza to do in order to escape the crocodiles but climb up in a tree and so she did. However, she didn’t expect she had to stay in the tree for a whole four days before she was rescued. What is more, Chirindza gave birth to her baby daughter on the last day, probably due to the stress she had been experiencing.

Luckily, both the mother and her baby were rescued by a South African helicopter not long after the baby was born. Amazingly, the baby not only survived but according to doctors was doing quite well. Chirindza has named her daughter Rosita and is very grateful to everyone who had helped her including several charity organizations. However, the mother shares she still has nightmares about being stuck in a tree with the crocodiles underneath.

Man predicted the 1993 bombings and 2001 attacks of the….

Cyril Richard “Rick” Rescorla joined the World Trade Center in 1985 to work for Dean Witter Reynolds, which later merged with Morgan Stanley in 1997.

Rick was a retired US Army officer and he was so dedicated to his new job that he took measurements for his co-workers’ safety by training World Trade Center employees in emergency basis. Not only that, he also wrote a letter to the government, concerning the fact that the building’s foundation and basement should be secured with thicker walls and more guards, predicting that it would be open to potential attack. Of course, it resulted only in the executive’s resentment towards Rescorla, who predicted the 1993 bombings and the 2001 attack.

When the disastrous events began, he ignored the Port Authority’s instructions to not evacuate, and lead the evacuation, saving all but seven of Morgan Stanley’s 2,687 employees. He died at age of 62 in the towers while leading people out of the debris.

His biography “Heart Of A Soldier” written by James B. Stewart was described as the “best non-fiction book of 2002” by Tim

God bless everyone that had their life touched by this event. 

Home Depot customer watch in horror as a man attempts to saw off own arms.

A man deliberately cut his arms with saws in the aisles of a Home Depot store in suburban Los Angeles Wednesday, creating a gruesome scene in front of several horrified customers.

The man was in the store’s tool section and went unnoticed until he began grabbing several small saws, including one meant to cut sheet rock, and started using them on his arms.

‘He cut both arms with hand saws down to the bone,’ said West Covina police Cpl. Rudy Lopez.

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Faces of Belmez

A case that started in August 1971 when Maria Gomez Pereira reportedly discovered a strange expressionistic image of a man’s face that had appeared on her kitchen floor. A few days later she had the floor ripped out and relaid only to find that the face reappeared in exactly the same place within a week.

Mystery faces
Before she got the chance to rip out the floor a second time the slab was removed and preserved by local authorities. Investigations into the site on which the house was built revealed that the site had once been a graveyard and as such it was….

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Ghost faces Real Evidence 30 years research:
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  • The Clown Murders: 1966 TRUE CRIME CASE 

    Vintage 8mm home movie footage of a 1966 Christmas parade featuring a bunch of creepy clowns highlights the murder case of a performing clown who murdered four members of his family in 1966. The four women were suffocated with oversized balloons placed over their heads.

    Also, check out the other true crime cases I have uploaded featuring murders that were neglected in the media at the time of their occurrence. 

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The Abandonment Of Baby Jacob Gerard

Following Sunday service on the morning of February 27, 1994, the congregation of the Holy Counselor Lutheran Church in Vernon, New Jersey made a shocking discovery: the body of a newborn baby boy lying in the snow outside one of the church windows. The unidentified child weighed approximately 3 kilograms (7 lb), and his naked body was wrapped in a thin blanket.

Unfortunately, the infant was frozen solid, so an autopsy could not be performed until the body thawed three days later. The child was likely placed outside the church sometime during the night and died of hypothermia and exposure in the freezing temperatures. The umbilical cord was still attached to the child’s body but looked as if it had been torn rather than cut, suggesting he wasn’t born at a hospital.

The church held a memorial service for the unidentified child and buried him behind the church in North Hardyston Cemetery. The biblical story of Jacob happened to be the subject of their sermon on the morning he was found, and St. Gerard is the Roman Catholic patron saint of newborn children, so they named the child Jacob Gerard. Since Baby Jacob appeared to be perfectly healthy before his abandonment, the case was classified as a homicide. DNA was taken from his blanket in an attempt to determine who was responsible for his death, but 20 years later, Jacob Gerard remains unidentified


Kelly Anne Bates (c. 1979 – 16 April 1996) was a British teenager who was murdered in Manchester on 16 April 1996 when aged 17. She was tortured over a period of four weeks, including having her eyes gouged from their sockets up to three weeks before her death, by her partner James Patterson Smith (born 1948) before being drowned in a bathtub. Sorry if the picture is really blurry, its really hard to find a picture of Ms. Bates.

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The Killer Santa: 1961 TRUE CRIME CASE

1961 true crime case of Martin Dunn, a department store Santa who abducted a little girl and murdered her family. A candy cane used as a weapon! Hedge clippers wielded by a rat-chewing grandma! Body parts in gift wrapped parcels! Subtitles tell the tale of horror.

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The Baby Shower Murders: 1969 TRUE CRIME CASE

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 Issei Sagawa

Issei Sagawa is a Japanese man who in 1981 murdered and cannibalized a Dutch woman named Renée Hartevelt in Paris. After his release, he became a minor celebrity in Japan and made a living through the public’s interest in his crime.

No body there

One night during the summer I’m lying awake on my bed trying to fall asleep, but I couldn’t. It was too hot, and it felt weird in the room. I’m on my right side, then my left, then back again. This whole time my sister is singing and tapping in the bunk above me.

Finally, pissed, I reach up to push up on her bed. I would do that in retaliation when she was loud. She stopped but as I rolled onto my back she started back up even louder and tapping even harder. I was so mad I got out of my bed to smack her, when suddenly the room door opened it was my sister. I turned to look at her bed but it was empty and the bed was still made.
Til this day I don’t know what it was.


Martha Moxley murder, 1975

The scene was Greenwich, Connecticut. The night before Halloween, Martha Moxley left to attend a neighborhood party. It was the last time she was ever seen alive. Her body was found on Halloween morning, brutally battered to death beneath a tree in her backyard. The murder weapon, a shattered golf club, lay nearby. This hideous crime went unsolved for almost twenty-five years, when Michael Skakel was finally charged and convicted of her murder. Skakel’s alibi – that he had been masturbating under that tree earlier the same night, but had no connection to the crime – turned out to be flimsy, and several witnesses claimed that he had confessed to the crime while in drug rehab.

Full Documentary:

Crime scene pictures & Evidence:


Leslie Mazzara and Adriane Insogna murders, 2004

After a quiet Halloween night spent handing out candy to Napa, California trick-or-treaters, roommates Leslie Mazzara, Adriane Insogna and Lauren Meanza all headed to bed. Meanza was woken up by sounds of a scuffle upstairs at about 1:00 in the morning, and she ran in terror from the house, hiding in the backyard and watching an unidentified assailant climb out of a window. She ran upstairs to check on her roommates to find them both viciously stabbed to death. It took nearly a year to find the killer, but cigarette butts found at the scene eventually fingered a man named Eric Copple, the fiancé of one of Insogna’s friends. He thought that their friendship was threatening the upcoming wedding and just lost it in paranoid violence.

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Second Interview on Missing 411 author David Paulides