New Sculptures by Jessica Dalva Come to Life

The last time we featured sculptor Jessica Laurel Louise, aka Jessica Dalva, she was exploring a ritualistic narrative with her feminine works. In the two years since, her art has developed to reflect a multitude of personal interests and skills; her hand-painted sculptures, shadow boxes, drawings, and recently, clay animation, collectively exhibit a cinematic taste. Communicating movement has become an important focus for Dalva. She keeps a diary of her excursions at her blog, from her travels to studying animal anatomy at Natural History Museum, and drying scarves in the wind. These have had a noticeable effect on her artwork.


Occult Expressionism Paintings by Dark Surrealist Artist: Jeff Klena

Artist on Tumblr | Facebook| See.me | deviantART

He says: “The reinventing of the dream-self on every new morning. The doorway between the conscious self and the subconscious ideal has been left open.”

  1. The New Flesh Is Meat -2014
  2. Master of the Dark Arts-2014
  3. The Disappointing Party Dress -2014
  4. Second to the Last Samurai -2013
  5. Untlited -2014