By putting leaves of cabbage kimchi on a slice of pizza, you’re destroying the notion of the nation-state and unknowingly mimicking the ways in which many Korean American children took their first awkward steps into assimilation, one bite at a time, until they stopped using kimchi altogether…You look at a map of the world and point a finger to Mongolia. “Really good barbecue.” El Salvador. “Mmm, pupusas.” Vietnam. “I love pho!” When you divorce a food from its place and time, you can ignore global civil unrest and natural disasters (see: Zagat declaring Pinoy cuisine the “next great Asian food trend” this past fall as deadly floods swept through the Philippines), knowing as you do that the world’s cultural products will always find safe harbor in your precious, precious mouth.

Soleil Ho, “Craving the Other

(Read this thing. You won’t regret it.)


Incredibly Creepy Carved Pumpkins

As Halloween approaches, you may be thinking of carving your own Jack O’Lantern out of a pumpkin. American Ray Villafane takes pumpkin carving to another level. Drawing on his background in art and his work in designing models for DC and Marvel comics, Ray sculpts intricate horrific faces out of pumpkins. His carvings look like gothic gargoyles in keeping with the theme of the popular holiday. “The most intricate pumpkin model that I have designed is the Zipperhead model (picture 2), which took the best part of a day. Otherwise, the models take a couple of hours,” he says.

I was watching Bizarre foods just now and he ate some spam sushi from a food truck in washington DC. And he bit into it and just started dissing the shit out of it. Right in front of the owner of the truck. 

"canned meat is so gross. I can finish the rest of this, but why would i want to?"

The owner was forcing a smile but I know she really had to be like

"Nigga you be eating monkey asshole and pureed turd and you gone diss my spam sushi on national television???????"

"Forreal breh?"