Every Bizarre Foods Episode
  • Andrew:These testicles are a delicacy of the country along with other parts of the animal we don't eat.
  • People who live there:*in another language* We don't really eat this shit. We let white people come and try this so we can laugh when you leave...
  • Andrew:Tasty :)

I was watching Bizarre foods just now and he ate some spam sushi from a food truck in washington DC. And he bit into it and just started dissing the shit out of it. Right in front of the owner of the truck. 

“canned meat is so gross. I can finish the rest of this, but why would i want to?”

The owner was forcing a smile but I know she really had to be like

“Nigga you be eating monkey asshole and pureed turd and you gone diss my spam sushi on national television???????”

“Forreal breh?”


Indonesia’s Most Macabre Meat Market: Tomohon, Sulawesi

Culinary Adventures in Sulawesi: I wish I could say that following your nose would lead you here, but it won’t. Tomohon Meat Market near Manado is known as the most macabre market in Indonesia, for good reason. You can find just about anything you can imagine and Saturday brings the snakes and exotic animals.

That’s when I went.

And I didn’t turn down anything that was put on my plate.

Would you dare: Tomohon’s macabre meat market

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woke up to this lovely gem of a conversation on OKCupid today.

Yes, I mention in my profile that I love dimsum and also cheap americanized chinese.

So this white-ass racist piece of shit decided to tell me what my culture was like, and then call me “sensitive” for calling him out on his bullshit.

This is why I hate bizarre foods so much. Fuck you, Andrew Zimmerman, and fuck you, racist white piece of shit on OKC.

I know Andrew Zimmern be bullshitting when he eats some of this wild ass food just because he doesnt want to insult whoever he’s visiting that day. His reaction to some of this gross food is just too much for me to believe sometimes. 

Andrew: “I’m about to take my first bite of this roasted Alpine Ibex turd, a delicacy I’ve been given by the chief of this storied village”

**takes bite**
**looks around at 12 villagers all staring at him with Ibex turd in his mouth**
**Andrew rolls his eyes in the back of his head and feigns bliss**

Andrew: That was the best thing I have ever eaten. 

**never takes a second bite**

Cheer Up Post #1528 - Bizarre Foods Edition

it-is-just-a-magic-trick would love a post full of strange edibles. Here you go!

(Some of the above: Red Velvet-Breaded Chicken, Wasabi Kit-Kats, Sperm Soup, and Pizza Pops) Food Masterpost

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