At midnight, I crawl out of my tent and position myself on a camp stool near the heater to take my watch with Jackson. Boggs told Peeta to sleep out in full view where the rest of us could keep an eye on him. He isn’t sleeping, though. Instead, he sits with his bag pulled up to his chest, clumsily trying to make knots in a short length of rope. I know it well. It’s the one Finnick lent me that night in the bunker. Seeing it in his hands, it’s like Finnick’s echoing what Haymitch just said, that I’ve cast off Peeta. Now might be a good time to begin to remedy that. If I could think of something to say. But I can’t. So I don’t. I just let the sound of soldiers’ breathing fill the night.

After about an hour, Peeta speaks up. ‘These last couple of years must have been exhausting for you. Trying to decide whether to kill me or not. Back and forth. Back and forth.’

—  Peeta Mellark
Mockingjay, ch19