I have the best girlfriend in the world…

My wonderful sweetheart named Teija.You the most beautiful person to ever enter my life and as long as we’re together, even if I can’t always be there for you physically..I’ll be there for you with all my heart and soul. I love you with my complete being, I want to catch you when you fall into darkness and laugh with you when times are good. I’m so proud of you, we will face fears together. You’re the best.

Women are lovely(Teija worship post)

I swear…Teija can deal with any amount of chaotic shit in her life, go through rain, sun…run, walk, and do anything and everything else in a day’s work….and still come out of it smelling like a goddess….I don’t know how some women manage this, but she’s like a walking bath and body works…and frankly, I’m a-ok with that….

I on the other hand, smell like an interesting mixture of old spice, burnt sausage and sweaty rain drenched socks…..meh

Tonight I went trick or Treatin…I mean, wow…I wasn’t expecting to get away with anything..The last time I went was grade 9 and afterwards I was either deemed too old, or made fun of….or just went to crappy Halloween parties… it was kind of just something I let go of.However, this year.. Teija talked me into trying it one last time 

I got a backpack and a half of candy. We braved the rain and did our best…..a little bit of pain but a lot of gain.

I decided to go as a vampire and did a much better job on the ‘dead’ look makeup tonight….and Teija-She went as a Gypsy

(holy fuck does she ever look haaaaaaaaawt and really cute too! like….mnnn I mean, she looked great in a costume)

Teija also bought this really neat dangle earings that kind of had a bohemian vibe to them, she looked quite beautiful and it matched her costume.

Anyway, made it back to homefront…now I’m partnered up with some Stoli’s and some sprite (yeh I know, but it’s just casual :p) and overall I’d say I had a really great night with my lovely girlfriend, one of the best nights I’ve had since I met her :) 

Samhain festivities ftw

Teija-Definition: A girl who lights up my life with a burning passion <3

Teija is an amazing girl. She’s so beautiful, funny, deliciously sexy ;) *But most of all*, so caring to me…like a feast of life, holding my hand…taking a chance, dreaming of tomorrow with me by her side.Butterflies from February…permeating until now, every time…I set eyes on you.

We’ve grown a lot and had some things to work out….yet we climb higher and higher, just doing our thing , so fuck the hate…

and if you fall…I’ll catch you. I want to keep this precious person afloat, this precious girl who makes me a fortunate guy. When we’re together, I reach for those dreams and decisions with a burning passion that I can’t say any other girl could fill me with.

All the fun at Metallica, fun watching fireworks…those long walks, the lego exhibit! Slurpees and a few drunken lol’s XD  De Dutch and days of comfort…long walks……fears……..However, in the beginning…I saw your hurt and I cried tears of rage and solemn mourning..because I felt your pain. I worry about you and about if I can be good enough for you…nothing should ever happen to you…nothing should shackle your beautiful spirit. The stuff you have to overcome, takes courage…and I know I can be a guide and a friend.

And we’ll enjoy the small things: Snacks together, Laughs, poppling ;) being fucking crazy for putting that spider on ya haha! Cuddling close and kisses, resting my head against you, holding your arms around me, being in your arms….like a beautifully radiant song that heals…a soundtrack of the life I always wished for with a woman, but didn’t think I could ever get close to.

And yes..there are nights of worry, thoughts of terror…but you would rather see the good in everything about me and you know what?

To be honest You’re fucking perfect to my eyes and I’ll love you for as long as we are side by side, you’ve brought out a side of me..I was trying to hide.

…Baby you just make me happy, even when I’m at a low point, like I’m clawing through this perpetual shit storm….you keeps things shining bright with how alive you are…and I face forward and feel tall…Yes, I feel tall and full of love for you. Your smile spawns a feeling of pure brilliance in my mind…you’re just cute :3

Let’s Turn forever, you and me


This is my friends and I on Halloween for an event at the Henry Public House. It was great being able to do something on the 26th, Kevin and Eric are a brother duo and Kevin is personally a very close friend of mine.

The lovely Teija almost pulls off my sombrero better than me ;P ( love ya babe! )

I got pissed off about a few minor things in the night and at times this point in the year is a struggle for me, but all in all I think it was great fun and 151  the Henry Public House was a place to be, good eats and boozy treats. (Jack Sloth and myself encountered a few oddballs) and Teija found out I was going to be stolen away *NOT* by some 30 yo women, but in the end they were friendly to both of us because we had similar costume themes!

I’ve now learned the complexity of makeup is to be respected! Senor Muerte was a hit with the drunkies and the hotel mirror  
Teija, you’re a babe and a half, thanks for a great Halloween and I’m so happy to have good friends and to have a lovely lady in my life right now, cheers Tei babe


I was revisiting the movie Tarzan in the past few days with my loved one….

This movie is perhaps one of the most amazing visual experiences ever…

I sort of have a hard time watching the movie and I have no shame in admitting it often brings me to tears. Glen Keane and his team of animators capture true emotion…coupled alongside the great storyboarding and artistic visions of the color team and you have just a wonderful experience….

It makes me appreciate things and concepts from my youth, it reminds me of how human I am…it explores adventure in a way most modern animation movies simple can’t hope to achieve.

I really do love this art form dearly..I should learn to keep my excitement out of it when I’m watching movies like this, so I don’t ruin the mood of it…my comments get annoying….I just……I jjust know that I can’t go back to that field…and while I will never reach the level most of these artists are at, at least I can still appreciate it…

I think movies like Tarzan make me realize I should try to appreciate life…but I also feel I’m lost..and have somehow failed myself…


anyways….that’s about all I have to say about that

Here’s a gif for you and I Teija

When my girl isn’t feeling well….and I can’t be there for her, it sucks…

I know she’s a trooper and moves forward, but it’s never nice knowing in the back of your head…that someone you care for is really having a shitty time, I love her though and hopefully all works out for her after HMV and things go better for today…

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Just thinking of what I should do first, before getting intimate with my beautiful girlfriend when we have our next alone time…hopefully at la casa de Tom.

Should I treat my lovely woman to a massage, or should I run a bath for her?

hmnn…I guess both would be great! yep.

I think all *MEN* should, or at least try to massage their girlfriends now and them, or help to relive stress (well, in many ways ahaha) but yeh, pamper your women from time to time.

Teija is just so good to me and even though I feel like shit about my life, whenever I can make her feel better, it puts a smile on my face…it’s nice to know I have that rock there for me and she’s so important.

Teija’s bloody awesome and I wouldn’t want anyone else.

I’m going to buy a nice new shirt for myself next week and I might try a cologne, I’ve got a gift basket to pick up soon….other than that, I hope my charm and groovy nature does wonders for Tei, because whenever I get to see her next, I’m going to give her the biggest Hug n Kiss and love her like a woman should be loved… You’re a wonderful woman, BABY YEAAAAAhhh

I love my sweet woman…my special girl :)

She got me a dog stuffie from Build-a-bear and it’s awesome! I think I’ll get a harlety jacket on it soon

She’s also been really stressed with job stuff, yet still remains supportive to me and has been understanding of my ever trying emotional state…I’ve still got a lot of big questions on my mind and things to work through, good days…bad days….days where I think I’m disappearing…but amidst it all, there’s no one else I’d rather say “I love you” then to Teija: You’re the best babe! I am lucky to have someone like you in my life, you’re beautiful….you’re a babe and I look forward to each day that comes for us!

Feel Better Soon Teija, I love you!

I love you, feel better soon and take care of yourself! I know the pain is getting hard to deal with, but know that you have good friends and that if you ever need me I’m a call/message away…I’ll come to your arms if you need it and listen to you when there’s no one else. You turned my world around the moment I met you and I’ll care about you every day :)

bitcher92 asked: Hi!

1. First impression: This friend of Max, this Teija gal, is a rather likable sort! Perhaps we could be friends!
2. Truth is: The many-Universes theory states that, for every decision made, the alternate choice is acted out in another parallel Universe. 
3. How old do you look: 21
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes
5. Have you ever made me mad: No
6. Best feature: You have quite lovely legs, my dear (please don’t get mad at me, Tom! D:)
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: No
8. You’re my: one of my best friends!
9. Name in my phone: Teija. You also need a more awesome nickname

(*sorry Kev, it’s not coming up as a normal reply text…but hopefully you see this or can reply to it on your dash eh!*)

#6: Go ahead sir, a most admirable observation, nothing of which I have an issue with! I agree, her legs and eyes are *some* of the features of her’s I like the most. Not enough guys appreciate women with nice legs, yes physical attractiveness isn’t all that counts out there…but too often do guys only look at the ass, or boobs….Teija’s legs are deee sex XD


what about my legs, eh, eh EH!


they’re made for one thing only


This is my beautiful and amazing girlfriend.

She’s kind, funny, awesome, sexy, caring, knows how to rock out and makes me feel like the luckiest guy every time I’m with her.

Teija is my rock…And though I’ll always say ‘lean on me baby..and I’ll care for you always’, You are the foundation by which I can excel, hope, dream and be strong.

I miss you even when I’m only away from you a bit…and…

I still get jittery butterfly feelings when you hold my hand or when I rest my head against you.

Ok, that’s all for now :3