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Min mormor har alltid kallat skor för "kokikaker" och när min mamma istället sa skor, var hon snabb med att rätta sig själv lol. Som 4åring kallade jag flygplan för "pippibrum" FÖR DE FLYGER SOM PIPPI OCH LÅTER SOM BRUM GODDAMIT. Självklart kallar jag även mina kompisar för sötepaj, svengelska ger mig liv.

THANKS FOR PLAYING, GUYS!!! jghjg so that was my default handwriting, i can do other styles as well like ehm…. yeh, cooler ones, i guess XD but i didn’t think that would be as interestingggg

also; i just realized maybe it would have been more fun to see how i write when i write really fast so here they are in super speed mode as well:

trippyyyyyy now imma eat breakfast and wait for the postman to gimme some package yo

not-a-comedian replied to your post: not-a-comedian replied to your video: i have…

no i have the big one in school u HERP DERP!!!!

OH I SEE 8–D is it any good then????? you think i’ll like it?????

not-a-comedian replied to your post: spotify y u no play me music

it did that earlier for me today as well

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Min funkar inte heller!

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I hear your pain, bro! Har samma problem! >8CC Irriterande som fasen!

fjhhsgaj OH i thought it was just my computer being a bitch so i turned it off and on again and now it works???? i dunno if it’s the same for you guys but yeh! 8)

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Congratz on surviving another year! I hope you have a great day of cake and awesomeness! :D


the cake will be tomorrow but yesss, it’ll be pretty awesome! 8—)

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Like damn, that is some neat handwriting! xD Even when you write fast! My handwriting is even worse than any doctors handwriting! xD

haha THANKS! XD though i think my own handwriting is really boring, and omg doctors handwritingsssssss jghgjg they can be pretty bad yes XDD