Tony Abbott has said he won’t resign despite increasing dissent within the Liberal Party regarding his leadership due to his poor performance, knighting Prince Philip, and claims his leadership negatively effected the Queensland election.

"Come on guys!" Tony pleaded. There was a feminine cough from within the room. "And Julie!"

"Actually that was me," said Morrison. "But yeah… yeah! JULIE IS HERE TOO!” Morrison burst up from his seat only to suddenly be overcome with self consciousness and awkwardly sat back down again. He hung his head in shame.

"I’m your Captain! We’re a team! WHAT TEAM?"

"WILDCATS!" Morrison jumped up again only to realise no one had joined in. He slowly lowered his arms and let out a meek "wildcats… woo…" before sitting down again.

"No. Team Australia. The LNP team. The Rich White Males - and Julie Bishop - Club."

There was a loud groan from the back.


"YES!" Tony sighed. "I’m still the Captain, OK? I am the best at sports, therefore I am Captain."

"That’s not how it works-" Julie tried to say before Tony interrupted her.

"I know how it works, Julie! It’s a metaphor!"

"So… is… sports a metaphor for… lying? Or are you literally talking about sports but don’t know what a metaphor is?"

"…the specifics aren’t important, Julie. Specifics aren’t part of the LNP mindset."

"I’m going to replace you. I hope you know that." Julie stared at him with her cold dark eyes. The black of the iris seemed blacker than black. It was a darkness that felt eternal. "Your time is numbered so it’s time to play ball." The lights flickered around her. Tony Abbott look around wildly at the lights.

"Shit, the ceiling wizards must be angry again."

Morrison leaned over to Joe Hockey who was slouched back in his chair with a disinterested look on his face.

"Does Tony not know how lights work?" Morrison asked.

"Don’t talk to me. You’re not cool enough to talk to me."

Scott Morrison recoiled, hurt. “But we’re all in this together…” he whimpered.

[…] “Like superheroes,” Beth teased as she slung her bag onto her back and flashed him a grin.

“Ain’t never thought of myself as the super-hero type,” Daryl said with a smirk.

“Well you’re definitely not a villain. You’d be a good super-hero, though. A lot of them are really complex, you know? Not straight up pure and good. The best ones have some darkness int hem, too, I think.” She paused just a moment, and then admitted, “Shawn was really into comics for awhile. Marvel, mostly. He had stacks of them in his bedroom, back at the farm.” The thought of her brother still hit her with a twinge of sadness, but she pushed past it. “There was one he liked a lot that you might like. Hawkeye. He was an archer.”

“He wear one of those dumbass capes?”

Beth chuckled. “No! He had this black and purple costume, and like… I think a mask? I dunno. I was never into it much.”

“Least it wasn’t a cape,” Daryl said as he picked up his bow. […]

- She’s Breathing, Chapter 11, burningupasun


Fringe - Peter & Olivia - Forever Love. (by moviegeek7)

Featured Fringe Video of the Day #560

Polivia - Spoilers thru 3x17

I get so many feels watching this.  They are just so perfect.